Matthew Broderick's performance in Glory?

So we obviously know that Denzel Washington's performance in the movie Glory was amazing, since he did win an award for it. I also loved Morgan Freeman's portrayal of the wise Rawlins. However, for some reason, Matthew Broderick's performance was what really moved me. He brought so much to the young Colonel Robert Gould Shaw and I just loved watching this character grow throughout the movie. Is there anyone who agrees with this? Or do you disagree and why? I'm open to any opinions and would really like to hear them! Thanks! :)

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  • 10 years ago
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    I just recently watched this movie in class, and I completely agree with you. The way Matthew Broderick could evoke so much emotion, sometimes without even speaking, was truly moving. He was just so relatable, and I couldn't help but like him, and his entire journey as a character was inspiring. Some of my favorite scenes were when he rips up his own paycheck so prove his equality to his colored regiment, as well as that incredibly powerful final scene on the beach, where he frees his horse and then leads his men into battle. Amazing soundtrack as well... Anyways, I loved Broderick's portrayal of Colonel Robert Gould Shaw, and he brought me back to that time period, and I cried like a baby when he died.. He definitely deserved more recognition for that part than he received.

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