Does the word "Ya’aburnee" actually exist?

A post on about 20 untranslatable foreign words listed "Ya’aburnee" as an Arabic word that means "You bury me" with some pretty poetic connotations. However, my girlfriend mentioned that it sounded convenient, since the pronunciation of the word and the associated phrase were so similar.

So, I did a yahoo search. Ten pages of results later, I've yet to find one that is not the post itself, does not quote it directly, or does not reference it as the source of information.

Does this word exist, or did the writer make it up? Could someone please provide an alternative source to support this, preferably one that existed prior to Oct. 9th? (the day the post was made)

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    Yes, this phrase exists and is commonly spoken by Levantine Arabic speakers. It can be used flirtatiously or endearingly among love birds or loved ones. It usually comes as a sudden emotional outpouring acknowledging and celebrating the mere existence of the loved one or a quality that he/she possesses which is highly cherished by the speaker even after death/burial.

    It's basically an idiom that reads '[may] it bury me'. The pronoun 'it' can be a second person pronoun (he/she) or a possessive pronoun denoting a quality or a trait (her/his). Thus, the phrase is made a bit mysterious and less confrontational than 'ta'abrnee' = '[may] you bury me'

    To hover around the logic of this idiom, think of Cutting Crew's hit 'Love, I just died in your arms tonight' then replace 'die' with 'bury'

    Source(s): You're always welcome to quote me as a source that proves this idiom translatable.
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    Does the word "Ya’aburnee" actually exist?

    A post on about 20 untranslatable foreign words listed "Ya’aburnee" as an Arabic word that means "You bury me" with some pretty poetic connotations. However, my girlfriend mentioned that it sounded convenient, since the pronunciation of the word and the...

    Source(s): word quot ya aburnee quot exist:
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    I speak Arabic, and the phrase is real but not something you hear much in public discourse. There's no PDA--at least not as you'd think of it in the west--in Arab culture, so a phrase like this would be spoken in private. The differences you see in transliterated spelling are due to dialect differences and the gender of the person being addressed. In some dialects, the q is dropped, becoming a glottal stop (a'). So yaqburnee becomes ya'burnee, and that is the way I usually hear it, because the dialect I speak is Egyptian. If a male is being spoken of in third person, it's ya'burnee (he buries me). If a female is being spoken of in third person, it's ta'burnee (she buries me). If someone is being addressed in second person, it's also ta'burnee (you bury me).

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    Ya Aburnee

  • 9 years ago

    Yeah, it exist.

    The word literally it means "You bury me", but the intended meaning is "I wish that you don't die before, but I die before you and then you bury me".

    the word is used by people from the Sham region (Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Palestine), so it's pronounced by them as "Te 'eburnee" (تأبرني), but written as "Te-qburni" (تقبرني)

    Source(s): I'm a native Arab
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    You Bury Me

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    9 years ago

    I don't know Arabic, much less regional dialects of it, but there is such an expression (may you bury me = I love you). Google Books finds these, which look in the right territory.

    * (this one only has the Arabic, which I can't read).




    But I agree - "Ya’aburnee" seems to be floating around as a meme, always with the same backstory and always without verification. The books suggests it's more like "tuqburni".

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