how much can i get for these perfumes/ colognes? 10 points!?

theyre both really rare, so does anyone have an idea of how much i can get for them on ebay?

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  • 10 years ago
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    How much you can expect to get from a perfume depends heavily on how much is left in the bottle, the condition of the bottle, whether or not the box is present, and the prestige of the fragrance house that made it. Neither of those brands are necessarily high prestige or high exposure like a vintage discontinued Coty, Chanel or Guerlain, etc.

    However, you can probably get a pretty penny for the second bottle if the bottle is in good condition. I'm estimating around $50-70 depending on if you get a bid war going between two interested buyers. Otherwise it can easily go for your asking price. I think the major thing that's hurting that bottle of Benandre Rickert is the fact that it's missing its box.

    The first isn't worth very much. I estimate maybe $10 because it's small and it has been used, is also missing its box. Also the bottle is unremarkable, which further harms its value.

    But you never know what people are willing to pay on eBay so my estimates might be way off. Also just a tip, take better photos of those bottles and take more photos. The pictures you have up right now are way blurry, and experienced fragrance buyers would be turned off by the poor quality of the photographs because they'll find it difficult to gauge the age and condition of the bottle.

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