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I'm 7 weeks pregnant and out of a home and job in Mesa, AZ I'm lost and depressed. Help?

I just recently found out that my birth control failed and i ended up pregnant from my irresponsible Ex boyfriend, he wont do anything for this baby I can care less about myself, I just don't want my baby to suffer or feel any sadness. I am not sure on what I can do I'm accessing information at a library and I'm trying to apply for food-stamps though I'm not sure how i can do that as I don't have a stable place to stay, a friend has let me stay in his home with his roommates and i don't think any of them would agree to give me their information so i can get benefits. they don't really agree with me staying here either but so far have been tolerating it since i keep the place clean and i have been looking for a job. Can anyone give me some advice? any places where i can get help?

I know if worse comes to worse I can live at a shelter but I am trying my hardest to avoid it.

Also does anyone know if section 8 is permanently closed here in Arizona.

Thank you, I really need the advice or at least some positive feedback.


Thnk you for your answers guys I hadnt thought of the church thing, I have an appointment with the family assistance office tomorrow and i know they can help im just concerned over not having information for the people in the house hold i live in the meanwhile. do you think that can be a problem?

Update 2:

Oh and in case you guys wonder I'm not looking to abort or give my child up, Even if i have to struggle and wear rags to keep my child clothed and well taken care of I will. My family is in Texas and although i can probably move out there and receive help my stepfather wont allow me into his home so it can potentially be a bad idea as well

Update 3:

AGAIN, thank you, I need all the help I can get, though I am not particularly religious I do believe in a god, and may he bless all your souls and the soul I am creating. MUCH THANKS this make me feel more hopeful than I did ten minutes ago.

Update 4:

will medicaid cover OBGYN visits that happened before I qualify?

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    10 years ago
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    Hey i just moved from phx to california, but used to live in mesa, and apache junction also.

    What you need to do, is call these numbers and the people will help you. Are you on w.i.c? Any pregnant woman can recieve wic.. just get proof of pregnancy which you can do for 5$ at planned parenthood. W.ic has all kinds of things to help you.... there are free food banks if you need.

    This is the information for HUD also known as section 8 they will help you.

    20 E. Main Street, Suite 250

    Mesa, AZ 85211

    Mailing Address

    PO Box 1466

    Mesa, AZ 85211-1466

    tel. 480.644.3536

    Fax. 480.644.2923

    TDD 480.644.2778

    Email Us:




    Here is a couple food banks.

    358 East Javelina Avenue, Mesa - (480) 926-4897

    245 South Nina Drive, Mesa - (480) 926-4897

    go on phoenix craigslist, they constantly give free baby stuff away.

    i would help you out because i know how hard it is starting out, but i dont

    live there anymore.

    Just incase you get kicked out or something here is a coule of good homeless shelters.

    House of Refuge Inc.

    6935 E Williams Field Rd

    Mesa, AZ 85212


    Transitional housing

    serving families

    Home Base Youth Services

    931 E Devonshire

    Phoenix, AZ 85014


    transitional housing

    serving young adults ages 18 - 21

    Gift of Mary

    1406 S 17th Ave

    Phoenix, AZ 85007


    emergency shelter

    serving single women 18 and over and

    men over 60

    Community Bridges

    Center for Hope

    560 S Bellview

    Mesa, AZ 85204


    mental health programs/substance

    abuse treatment

    serving pregnant women

    Dana’s Center

    731 W Dana

    Mesa, AZ 85210


    transitional housing

    serving men and women

    i wish you and your baby good luck and keep your head up things will get better. Just job search and keep your baby and yourself heathy and dont forget god is with you, and he will help you if you ask.

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    3 years ago


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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Im so sorry to hear about the situation that your struggling with. As a teenager, I can't even begin to imagine what you are going through. I do commend you for being strong and looking out for your unborn child. That right there is the first step to being a mother. As for being in Arizona, l would recommend searching around for pregnancy clinics or motherly homes. I know that here in California, we offer GR buildings and pregnancy clinics. WIC can also help too. As well as applying for welfare. Unlike 15-20 years ago, they know have so many rescourses available to single moms/dads with babies/children.

    All I can say, as young single mom myself... Look up the rescources that are around you. Talk to family and friends and see who can help. Sign up for promotions at baby stores so that if you do intend to keep your baby, that you are well prepared with coupons and rescourses.

    For me personally, abortion is not the answer. But it differs from mom to mom and what the situation is. If you feel like you can't take the pressure, go with adoption. Being pregnant and becoming a parent can change your life forever. Just make sure that you make the right choice for you and your baby. Good luck!

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  • 10 years ago

    Hi. Im from the Uk and i think our system is pretty different to yours. However, i do know that here in the Uk, certainly women with children (so potentially pregnant women too) do get extra help and support. They are entitled to free housing etc... is there anything like that where you are? can you go and see a doctor who could point you in the right direction. I also know that here in the uk we have a charity called pregnancy crisis. They may certainly be able to help. maybe type into a search engine 'pregnancy crisis' and then your area, there might be some support centres. Good luck :-)

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  • 10 years ago

    go to a Womens shelter, tell them that you are 7 weeks pregnant. they will do everything they can to get you a permanant place to stay, in a hurry, and they can get you rushed to the top of a low-income housing list... you will have prioroty because of the baby. the shelter will help you get foodstamps and medicaid, they will also help you get therapy (you sound very depressed)

    Really try to find a WOMENS shelter, not just a homeless shelter, you will get WAY more help. look up the phone # for the United Way Helpline, they will give you LOTS of places to call for help. Call the Catholic Diocese in your area, they won't care if you aren't catholic, they will help you. Call and Call and Call some more... tell your roomies that if they want you out you need to use the phone first.

    Now, just for you personally... go here for major loving support from lots of women and experienced moms. I'm sure there are women from AZ there, too... You can even write to me

    Blessings to you and your dear one

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  • 10 years ago

    I think but only think that you can tell the caseworker that the other people refused to give you that information.

    You can get food stamps without a steady place to live but you should go the shelter simply because they have all the knowledge of where to get all kinds of help for you - you dont have to "stay" at the shelter to get assistance from them - information that could help you.

    Dont forget to apply for WIC - this is food help - free. ( at the local health department or they can give you the number for sure)

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  • 10 years ago

    Go to your local Medicaid office, they can give you information for different resources including housing.

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  • 10 years ago

    Go to a Church thaey should Help you

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  • 4 years ago

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