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What bearings should i use? Abec 9's or Bones Reds?

I have bones reds on my longboard right now but I am ordering a new set of wheels that come with Abec 9 bearings. Should i replace the reds (one month old of occasional riding)?

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    What brand Abec 9? If it just says Abec 9 on it it's probably not that great of a bearing. The Abec number only refers to how precise the bearings are made. It says nothing about the quality of the material or the technologies used to make it a better bearing.

    But Bones Reds, while great for the price, aren't that great of a bearing. So most likely, Bones = those Abec 9 beaings.

    If the wheel you want can be found on milehighskates.com , they ship their wheels with free bearings that are way better than Bones Reds.

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  • Scott
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    10 years ago

    They're fairly equivalent. Buy the ones that you can get for the best price.

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