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Which is easier to learn ? PeopleSoft or SAP ?

Which is easier to understand for someone with not much affinity towards programming?

People Soft or SAP BW/BI . I want to start the training in about a week. I am good with using GUI softwares and I am thinking they are both GUI. What do you think is easier to learn ?

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    Peoplesoft was recently acquired by Oracle. So now both the products belong to Oracle and Oracle has a long term plan to come with Oracle Fusion that will have best of all the worlds. Oracle is very strong in financials and people-soft was known for its HR solutions. PeopleSoft was one of the newest ERP software firms started in 1987 in Pleasanton, California, with specialization in human resource management and financial services modules. and was the third largest ERP vendor after SAP AG and Oracle. PeopleSoft was acquired by Oracle in January 2005.

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    I think both are great . in any case, the thing is these days everybody is learning SAP and it may turn out to be over business sector . be that as it may, on account of peoplesoft its exceptionally uncommon and preparing focuses and individuals are less . so if u search for occupation arranged one , peoplesoft is better i think.

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