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What do you think about Rolls-royce engines?

Anything you know about it? any personal opinions? All are wonderfully welcome!! :)

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    They're as reliable as GE, Snecma, and P&W. Anybody can have an uncontained failure at any time. It was a GE CF-6 that lost the fan in the #2 engine on the UAL flight at Sioux City. American had a P&W JT8 fall off a B727 over the desert Southwest, Piedmont had a P&W JT8 fall off a B737 at ORD, USAir had P&W JT8 fall off a B737 at PHL. The Rolls RB211 is prone to engine annulus fillers (fan blade spacer) leaving the hub (contained failures). USAirways had an uncontained turbine failure of a GE CF6 at PHL during a maintenance run. AA had an uncontained turbine failure of a GE CF6 at LAX. The list goes on ad nauseum.

    Any engine can fail at any time. A lot of the reliability is dependant upon the care the engine receives while in service, in addition to the manufacturing process and the overhaul processes.

    I personally, am comfortable with anything P&W, GE, Snecma, or Rolls powered.

    We need to give the investigation a chance to see what caused the uncontained failure in the A380 and not jump to premature conclusions. It could be due to a one time event, or it may be the harbinger of a trend that is just manifesting itself. I'm sure due investigative diligence will occur and the culprit will be identified.

    I thought Qantas took exceptional steps when they grounded the fleet due to the unknowns to this point, and definitely have passenger safety in mind.

    Source(s): Airline A&P for 27 years and counting.
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    I have worked on both Rolls Royce engines and P&W engines as an engineer. I have also briefly worked on GE engines doing line maintenance. As with anything, all aircraft engines have pros and cons.

    I think rolls royce engines are excellent, as are all the other engine manufacturers. I assume your asking this question because of the Qantas A380. The engine is fairly new and it's not suprising it has teething problems. I don't think the big issue is that the engine "blew" up. The issue for me is that the casing didn't contain the debris.

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    Rolls-Royce builds great jet engines. GE builds better jet engines. Pratt & Whitney are on a par with Rolls-Royce. The rest don't matter (for large airliner engines).

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    The Rolls-Royce Merlin was one of the best engines ever made.

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    There was a problem with Qantas. Funny thing is all those engines are still maintained by RR. Qantas found anomalies in two others. SIA who has more with more flight time found no indications. Hmmm?

  • Anonymous
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    I think they are ok, but not as reliable as General Electric.

    I mean, they both make amazing engines, but I would trust more General Electric engine more than RR. Not because of what happen to a380.

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