CIA and FBI seal meaning?

What are the meanings for the details on the CIA and FBI seal?

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    The FBI Seal:

    The colors and symbol of the seal of the FBI represent the values and standards of the FBI and the United States and allude to the history of both the organization and the country. The center of the seal depicts a shield bracketed by two laurel branches, with an inscribed scroll below, set against a blue field. A gold-outlined strip occupies the circumference of the field, bearing the words "DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE" and "FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION" below. A circle of thirteen golden stars surrounds the shield and laurels, representing unity of purpose and the original thirteen founding states of the United States of the United States. The laurel branches represent academic honors, distinction and fame. The two branches depict a total of 46 leaves, standing for the number of states in the US when the FBI was founded in 1908.

    The blue field behind the central shield represents justice, as do the stripes set on a golden field at the shield's top. Five parallel vertical red and white stripes make up the rest of the shield, echoing the colors of the Flag of the United States. As with the flag, there is one more red stripe than white. The stripes symbolize the values of the FBI; the red stripes stand for courage, valor, and strength, while the white ones represent light, cleanliness, and truth.

    Below the wreath and shield is a scroll bearing the words "Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity". This slogan, which was devised in 1935 by FBI Inspector W.H. Drane Lester describes the high moral standards and high level of motivation the FBI expects from its staff. It also reflects the Bureau's own initials as a "backronym" of sorts

    The outer edge of the seal consists of a series of beveled golden peaks. This represents the severe challenges that the FBI faces every day and alludes to the ruggedness of the organization. The gold color represents the richness and history of the Bureau's mission.

    CIA Seal

    The CIA seal is described in heraldic terms as follows:

    SHIELD: Argent, a compass rose of sixteen points gules.

    CREST: On a wreath argent and gules an American bald eagle's head

    erased proper.

    Below the shield on a gold color scroll the inscription "United States of

    America" in red letters and encircling the shield and crest at the top

    the inscription "Central Intelligence Agency" in white letters.

    All on a circular blue background with a narrow gold edge.

    AND WHEREAS it appears that such seal is of suitable design and is

    appropriate for establishment as the official seal of the Central

    Intelligence Agency

    But the formal verbiage in President Truman’s Executive Order does not clearly explain what the various parts of the seal mean.

    Here’s how we interpret theseal:

    * The American Eagle is the national bird and is a symbol of strength and alertness.

    * The radiating spokes of the compass rose depict the convergence of intelligence data from all areas of the world to a central point.

    * The shield is the standard symbol of defense and the intelligence we gather for policymakers.

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