what is the best spec for pvp on a paladin?

atm i am holy and i wanna know the best spec for kills and survivability thanks :-)

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    It is hard to define "best spec" without limitations. As far as PvP goes, Holy will generally offer you the most survivability, and is currently very powerful in doing such. Although Retribution is the go-to spec if you want to do damage (like you said "for kills") it is unfortunately in a rough place right now in organized PvP, due to the loss of Magic dispelling via Cleanse, vulnerability to dispels (on HoF, AW, Zealotry, etc.), lack of reliable snare removal, sub-par gap closer, and a lower duration Divine Shield. Don't get me wrong, Retribution paladins can be a powerful opponent, but until we all hit 85 and this balances out, Ret isn't easy for many people to play in PvP, and does not carry its former WotLK "faceroll" stigma any longer.

    I would recommend a talent build similar to http://www.wowhead.com/talent#scIbzrzukfd0bZc:amVr... if your focus would be on healing. There is some room for flexibility in this spec, in both glyphs and talents (Crusade, Eternal Glory, and such) but make sure you take Paragon of Virtue and Blessed Life. They are just too good right now.

    I have all four healing classes and my Paladin (who is also my main) is my favorite in PvP at the moment due to their current survivability. I do warn you, just be mindful that damage is out of control at the moment and healing will sometimes seem pointless, but don't give up!

    Source(s): Wowhead (for spec) My knowledge and experience
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    Currently Holy has the most survivability. As long as you spec your talent tree into Increased Exorcism and Holy Shock Damage and also its important to spec into the lowering of the mana cost of Exorcism. If you don't you will run out of mana quickly. Keep Beacon of Light up on yourself and spam Exorcism as much as you can and if you need to heal yourself use Word of Glory. If you have 3 stacks of Holy Power it should heal you all the way depending on your Spell Power. Macroing Word of Glory to a key helps as well. I macro'ed my Word of Glory to the "R" key to use it quickly. But it is by far the best PvP spec for Paladins. Prot/Ret Spec deals lots of damage but can be taken down easily if theres more then 1 person. Retribution deals huge amounts of damage but again also takes a lot of damage. With Holy you can verse like 3 other people and win still. It is by far the most survivable spec and I can see them being very popular in the upcoming Arena Season starting December 14th.

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    hi nicely from my adventure i will say that Retribution is probable between the ideal specs for PvP! Holy might come quite sturdy in PvP yet in my opinion i hit upon it uninteresting to heal. yet on the grounds which you're point 13 i does not worry to a lot approximately PvP on the 2nd, once you hit point eighty 5 you will get your PvP kit from a supplier in Stormwind-previous city, you ought to purchase this kit via earning honour factors. To point up immediately, do dungeons/quests/battlegrounds So in precis I say which you need to play Retribution for PvP, intense injury it does, sturdy at healing your self aswell, and has sufficient cooldowns for long survivability. sturdy day :)))

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    Generally (in all M.M.O. games), Paladins are built for tough defense. Throw in party support skills and mob-luring skills, these tanks best perform in a party. However, there are builds that make the Paladin an attacking wall, making them good offensive characters while being a tanker.

    Your best bet is to spruce up your defense with high-quality defensive gear and resiliency-increasing equipment.

    *AFAIK in WoW, PvP gear is the best: these stuff are earned through PvP and built for PvP.*

    Source(s): http://bit.ly/d1z70v -> WoW Armory: Alliance PvP Rewards http://bit.ly/aIfugu -> WoW Armory: Horde PvP Rewards
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    any spec really

    holy - you help others survive and survive yourself by doing the cheap run around popping big heals on yourself while your friends peg them off

    retribution - you just beat them good, use stuns and hit hard, you are support and will take them out efficiently

    protection - you can run out first, get a designated healer on you and just attract them the most by being the more leader-ish type while your friends just stand a little behind you and take them off you as you accumulate people, but remember, not everybody will go for you so make sure you stun a lot and make yourself like the guy they gotta get rid of

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    Prot has become ridiculously OP in 4.0.1, Avengers shield hitting for more than Excorsism, tons of stam, armor, and Hammer of Justice, with your shields, extra CDs for damage reduction, you are basically a walking tank versus nothing but footman armed with pistols. Roll Prot and expect to go 20 killing blows - No deaths each BG.

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    no definitly holy r ret. for sure, id go with holy

    Source(s): used to play wow, holy pallies r hard as fuk to kill
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    I'd guess tank.

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