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I am looking for suggestions of band/singers?

I am trying to find bands or singers of the jazz/ swing genre. I have found a more recent band that has that old style, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy -

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If you know of any other swing/ jazz music stuff that would be great! And if you know of anything kind of like bob dylan, america, gilbert o' sullivan, james taylor, etc etc. I really have no idea what I am looking for, but I think this may be an okay start.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Well that depends on what you mean by "good". I'll assume that you're probably into "Neo-Swing", which is modern pop swing like Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.

    Here's a list of some neo-swing bands and songs:

    (band name - song name)

    Bellvue Cadillac - Call of the Wild

    Bellvue Cadillac - Pay Pay Pay

    Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - Go Daddy-O

    Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - Jumpin' Jack

    Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - Mr. Pinstripe Suit

    Brian Setzer Orchestra - Americano

    Brian Setzer Orchestra - Pennsylvania 6-5000

    Cherry Poppin' Daddies - Brown Derby Jump

    Cherry Poppin' Daddies - No Mercy For Swine

    Colin James - C'mon With the C'mon

    Ditty Bops - Sister Kate

    Double Down - All In

    Flying Neutrinos - Mr. Zoot Suit

    Gas House Gorillas - Find a Little Boogie

    Gas House Gorillas - Quiet Whiskey

    Jive Aces - Planet Jive

    Martini Max - Gangster Man

    Phat Cat Swinger - Phat Cat Swinger

    Phat Cat Swinger - Volcano Joe

    Royal Crown Revue - Barflies at the Beach

    Royal Crown Revue - Hey! Pachuco

    Royal Crown Revue - Something's Got to Give

    Royal Crown Revue - Zip Gun Bop

    Squirrel Nut Zippers - Good Enough for Grandad

    Squirrel Nut Zippers - Hell

    Squirrel Nut Zippers - Put a Lid on It

    Stray Cats - Fishnet Stockings

    Stray Cats - Rock This Town

    Zoot Suit Revue - Money Cash

    Now if you like "Jump, Jive n' Wail", it's originally a jump blues song that originated in the late 40's and 50's. If you're into how that song sound, you should listen to these jump blues and early rock n' roll songs:

    Big Six - We the Boys Will Rock Ya!

    Bill Haley and His Comets - Burn That Candle

    Bill Haley and His Comets - Rock this Joint

    Bill Haley and His Comets - See Ya Later Alligator

    Bill Haley and His Comets - Shake Rattle and Roll

    Bull Moose Jackson - Big Ten Inch

    Bull Moose Jackson - Why Don't You Haul Off and Love Me

    Clarence "Frogman" Henry - Ain't Got No Home

    Dion - Runaround Sue

    Flattop Tom and His Jump Cats - Cats Meow

    George Whitesell - Hide and Seek

    Indigo Swing - Another Day in LA

    Indigo Swing - Blue Suit Boogie

    Julie Lee - Last Call for Alcohol

    Jump Jones - Sittin' On It All The Time

    Louis Jordan - Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens

    Louis Jordan - Caldonia

    Louis Jordan - Saturday Night Fish Fry

    Louis Prima - 5 Months, 2 Weeks, 2 Days

    Louis Prima - Closer to the Bone

    Louis Prima - Just a Gigolo

    Louis Prima - Whistle Stop

    Mighty Blue Kinds - Green Grass Grows All Around

    Mighty Blue Kinds - Ragg Mopp

    Rob Rio - Fat Girl Boogie

    Steve Lucky and the Rhumba Bums - Jumptown

    Stompy Jones (aka Swing Session) - Boogie Woogie on a Saturday Night

    Stompy Jones (aka Swing Session) - Juke Box Judy

    Stompy Jones (aka Swing Session) - Mondine

    Stompy Jones (aka Swing Session) - Saxawoogie

    Stompy Jones (aka Swing Session) - Well Well My Love

    Wynonie Harris - Bloodshot Eyes

    Wynonie Harris - Wasn't That Good?

    Now, you might not be interested in Big Band music, but that's where all of swing comes from. Most of the music does not come off as "high energy" like Neo-Swing for two reasons: 1) Recording technology wasn't great back then, and 2) It's hard to capture the energy of a big band on a recording, even today; however, the best dances I've ever been too have been with a full 20 piece big band! (Additionally, Christina's Candyman song samples the melody from the Andrews Sisters' song "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy".)

    Regardless, you should check out these required songs from the Big Band Era:

    Andrews Sisters - Bounce Me Brother with a Solid Four

    Andrews Sisters - Hold Tight

    Anita O'Day & Gene Krupa - Drum Boogie

    Artie Shaw - Carioca

    Artie Shaw - Man From Mars

    Artie Shaw - Traffic Jam

    Benny Goodman - Life Goes to a Party

    Benny Goodman - Sing, Sing, Sing

    Benny Goodman - Swingtime in the Rockies

    Bill Elliot Swing Orchestra - Bill's Bounce (live)

    Bill Elliot Swing Orchestra - Camp Hollywood Special

    Bill Elliot Swing Orchestra - Traffic Jam

    Campus 5 - Diga Diga Doo

    Campus 5 - Doin' at the Doing

    Count Basie - Jumpin' at the Woodside

    Count Basie - Shorty George

    Count Basie - Swingin' The Blues

    Duke Ellington - Rockin' in Rhythm

    Ella Fitzgerald - Oh' Lady Be Good

    Ella Fitzgerald - Too Darn Hot

    Fletcher Henderson - Christopher Columbus

    Glenn Miller - American Patrol

    Glenn Miller - Bugle Call Rag

    Glenn Miller - Jeep Jockey Jump

    Lionel Hampton - Flying Home

    Louis Armstrong - C Jam Blues

    Solomon Douglas Swingtet - Indiana

    Tommy Dorsey - One O'clock Jump

    Tommy Dorsey - Well, Git It!

    Anyways, I hope that helps!

    To talk about swing music, or atleast read other peoples opinions on it, check out this website:

    Also, check out the National Swing Forum:

    If you want a little inspiration about swing dancing, check out this video (It's from a professional Lindy Hop competition):

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    Source(s): I'm a swing dancer and swing music DJ.
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