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Is this website a scam?

So I googled hoverboard, and google came up with this website that claims to have building plans for a real hoverboard, and also claims you can buy it fully assembled for 9k USD. But the website claims to have building plans for things like time travel and jet packs. Is this real?

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    I wouldn't class the site as a 'scam' per se but I would think that anyone claiming to offer scientifically UNPROVEN technology for BIG £££/$$$ is liable to end you up out of pocket and feeling robbed (because you could have found out about all this UNPROVEN 'Sci-Fi' technology on any search engine if you looked hard/long enough).

    Tip : There is a good reason why they have no video proof of that guy with the 'Jetpac' on his back!

    Also.. notice how ALL of the 'Fully Assembled' 'kits' & Kits/Plans are sold out! :D

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    Not a scam, per se...the things sold on there are real. The effectiveness of some of them are disputed. Take the "psionic helmet" for example. The people who sell it really believe it works.

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    just look at the website, does it look professional or not. that the main thing. and other stuff

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    yes lol

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