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Aaron Pryor V Lloyd Honeyghan welterweight 1986 how would this one go?


Sorry I forgot that Pryor's fights with Arguello were as early as 82 and after going the distance twice before retiring, he came back in 87 and he wasn't the same. However, whilst people often don't credit Honeyghan with much, in his prime he annihilated Johnny Bumphus and Gene Hatcher. Plus he also beat Maurice Blocker who went on to become a world champion. Gianfranco Rosi also went on to become a world champion who Honeyghan beat. It's not like Marlon Starling wasn't a good boxer. Honeyghan's peak might not have lasted as long as other greats, but at his peak he would of definitely been a match for Pryor. Stylewise Honeyghan would of been a problem and in the speed and power of punch, although Pryor was at 140 whilst Honeyghan was at 147. Pryor was chasing Leonard though and one would assume that the fight would not be made at light welterweight had he fought Leonard. I don't see Pryor being able to deal with Curry's power, fair enough though, Pryor was at 140 not 147

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    There's too much conjecture about Pryor at the welterweights. Pryor started out as a lightweight and fought most of his career in the 140 lbs class, winning the undisputed world junior welterweight crown in the late 70s, a title he held on until the early 80s. He went on semi-retirement following a bout against cocaine addiction and when he re-emerged in the second half of the 80s, that's the time he started campaigning as a welterweight, losing one fight by KO to fringe contender Bobby Joe Young

    But assuming that Pryor never had that costly fight against cocaine, how would he had fared against Lloyd Honeygan in the welterweights at that time ?

    Pryor was a Henry Armstrong fight-alike with his volume punching, tremendous stamina and relentless pressure. But that was at the 140 lbs. division where only a great but blown-up featherweight Alexis Arguello hurt and came close to beating him, and a couple of lightly regarded contenders managed to score flash knockdowns against him.

    But the welterweights was a far different league and Honeygan at that period was a monster.

    One major chink in Pryor's armor was his spotty defense and his almost upright stance in coming forward at his opponents. That may not be too much of a defect at 140 lbs. class but that could prove fatal in the welterweights with some fighters hitting as strong as middleweights, which Bobby Joe Young amply demonstrated against Pryor.

    Honeygan by late round KO/TKO.

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    pryor in top shape would have pummeled honeyghan into submission, and i say that as a huge honeyhgan fan.

    but a drug addicted shell of his former self pryor would end up like curry did when he fought the ragamuffin man!

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    Aaron Pryor would win

    Lloyd was not that such great thing despite he KOed King Curry

    Aaron by TKO 12

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