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HELP I want to apply to a uk university from Canada!?

Im already in grade 12 and i want to apply for a nursing program at roehampton university in london. I dont understand their course requirements and if universities work over there like they do here.

Im going to live with some family over there and wondering if i have to pay the international fees from canada or when i come over there. do they look at grade 11 grades also? because i have pretty bad grades then... I know i have to get a visa but if i stay in england for about 4 years will i be eligible to apply for a citizenship there? Please answer im so confused and dont know where to start!

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    You will need to pay international tuition fees (unless you have a UK /EU passport) and apply for a Tier 4 UK student visa.

    Applying for citizenship (or settlement as it is officially called here) depends on a number factors. Usually you can apply for settlement if you have lived here for 10 years. However, your years spent studying here on a Tier 4 visa will not count towards this total.

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    Get a passport, then a visa and a green card, then an acceptance letter from a school in the other country, then a plane ticket to the other country. You will be a visitor under the banner of education. You can apply for residence status if you want to stay in the other country. If you want to be a citizen of the other country, you have to apply to become a citizen, but you will probably have to be a legal resident first.

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