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Environmental problems and solutions?

for religion homework. i need at least 10 problems and 2 solutions for each. i need stuff like.

problem: deforestation, land used to rear cattle

solution: become vegetarian


ok, i was mainly focusing on deforestation in southern america, so would saying only eating british or irish reared meat be alright?

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    increased sea levels - flooding. solution = dont build on marginal land esp low lying <5m, build sea walls (not the greenest of solutions).

    loss of habitat - less biodiversity = stop encroaching on habitats eg when building new homes, active ecosystem management be put in place.

    melting ice caps - increased global temp, poor for growing crops = reduce g.h.g emissions, education.

    volcanic eruptions - ash clouds, pyroclastic flows = dont live on side of volcano, put warning system in place.

    heres a few for you to start with.

    also we think you should reconsider your solution for the example you gave. if we all became vegetarian to stop deforestation would we not cut down more trees to plant more crops as you dont get as much energy from eating just veg as you do with meat? just a thought

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    Realistically animals desire a habitat wherein they thrive as area of the organic atmosphere. regrettably as somebody till now has referred to, that merely isn't potential in fairly some situations. each so often farmers will soak up horses, we've carried out so - individual charity is one threat. Fundraising is yet another whether via exposure or ventures like ecotourism. on the completed nevertheless the priority is that there is a large opposition for land ingredients and any "customer" that won't be able to pay its way is going to lose out. And that incorporates horses. regrettably a real answer is composed of huge financial shifts and shifts in human priorities in direction of the atmosphere, because of the fact what you describe occurring to those horses is barely one symptom of that huge undertaking all of us face.

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