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turpentine and oil paints?

is mixing oil paint with turpentine enough? i've done some research on the internet and a lot of 'experts' suggest mixing oil paint with both turpentine and linseed oil is better/the correct way, whats the difference? what are the advantages and disadvantages of either method? which do you think is better?

im a novice oil painter so i dont know much on the subject, so im trying to learn...any information will be great, thanks.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Don't use turpentine--use odorless paint thinner. You can buy it at an art store or Sico brand has a good odorless thinner. Others say they are odorless but they are not so check before you buy. You use this to clean your brushes after using them, before going into another color and when you are done painting. You should also use a brush cleaner before putting them away.

    Paint thinner and "pure" linseed oil--3 parts thinner to 1 part pure linseed oil is used as a medium for thinning your paint when you are painting.

    You can make a retouch varnish with the above by adding 1 part Damar varnish. Go over your whole dry painting with it and it evens out dull spots. Once you do this don't touch it until it's dry or you'll make a mess. If you think it needs more because there are still dull spots then apply a second coat. You can paint over this but don't apply too many coats of the retouch varnish

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