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John Wall ranked #1. in Turnovers Per Game?

Why am I not surprised... John Wall has loads of potential, but he shouldn't be dancing around like he's already an NBA star. He's leading the league in Turnovers Per Game (5.8) and shooting a poor 43% from the field.

Blake Griffin thus far is my rookie of the year candidate.

#1. in the NBA in total rebounds.

#2. in the NBA in double-doubles.

#4. in the NBA in Field Goals Made.

Blake Griffin is an absolute freak: 18.1ppg (50%), 11.0rpg, 1.9apg (He's one of the best passing big men in the league, even though his stats don't show it)!

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    I agree, Blake Griffin has been an absolute beast. As far as John Wall, he has shown potential but is a rookie point guard and more often than not, rookie point guards are turnover prone. I see a bright future for both players but Blake Griffin has just been a complete monster.

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    A 9.6-5.8 assists-to-turnover ratio is amazing for a rookie, and 43% isn't too bad for a point guard. Both him, and Blake Griffin, are having terrific rookie years, and it should be a very interesting Rookie of the Year race.

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    by way of fact the offense rankings so effectively. whilst the different team starts getting down, the different team throws the ball and permit circulate of the working sport. and you seem around the league, there arent that many stable beginning qbs. and lots cant study defenses like a starter would desire to have the skill to. so what happens? they get bypass happy and that they start getting careless and puzzled and get picked off. albeit by way of fact they cant play, they dont see the linebacker on the below or maybe by way of fact they cant bypass for 60 minutes. however the suited thank you to sidestep turnovers is to run the ball. and the suited thank you to triumph over the packers is to run the ball, play stable protection and administration the clock. you administration the clock, you maintain the eco-friendly bay protection off the sector and the less paintings your qb has to do and the less probable the ball gets became over.

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    43% is good for a guard. And for turnovers. Yeah. He needs to work on that.

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    I agree; he irks me with all that dancing around like he has just taken his team into the playoffs. Sheesh! I just wish someone on that Wizard team would grab him by his neck and let him know that he needs to settle down until they have something to DANCE about.

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    yeah john wall is just like steve nash lots of turnovers

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    its only been 6 games for most teams

    Once we hit half way mark and he still has a double double then we'll talk

  • John Wall is a rookie,That's what they do...............

    Source(s): I picked Griffin to be the ROY.But I see no reason to waste my time looking up stats and rip other rookies!Troll
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