how do i add contacts to my page?

how do i add contacts to my page

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    To add a Contact, go to the person's Answers page, hover over the person's Avatar and click on "Add Contact". You then become a "Fan" of that particular Contact. If the person's adds you back, you will both show on each others Contacts and Fans List.

    If someone adds you as a Contact, you should be notified by email if you have your settings enabled to be emailed. To receive these emails:

    Click on your Avatar to take you to your Answers Page.

    Click on "Edit my Preferences".

    Under the Privacy and Communication Section, under Sharing and network:

    TICK the box "Someone becomes my fan".

    Click on "Submit"


    Click on "Contacts" in the top of the "Messenger" window pane.

    Click on "Add a Contact".

    You will then see two options. Either you can add somebody from their Messenger ID or email address or you can choose a contact from your address book.

    For each contact you add, click on "Next" to take you through the process. An invitation will then be sent to each one you have added. Their names will appear on your Messenger List with a message "Add Request Pending". This message will disappear when the invitation is accepted.

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    You may add a Contact to your Yahoo! Messenger by doing the following:

    You can also add someone from the Contacts menu:

    1. Go to the Contacts menu and select Add Contact.

    2. In the window that pops up, add the contact's Messenger ID. You can also put the new contact into a group and add contact details.

    3. Include a short message to the new contact, if you want.

    4. Click Add when you're done.

    ♦When you add a contact to your list, the person is automatically notified and given the choice to allow or deny the add request. If the contact denies your request, this person will not appear in your Messenger List.

    Note: If you are having trouble adding a contact, make sure that you are using the person's exact Yahoo! ID. If you still have problems, please let us know. Please include the Yahoo! ID in question.

    Best of Luck to You.

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