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is RBC better to open a visa card or TD bank?

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    The bank doesn't matter. All the transactions will be handled through a central Visa processing center, before they ever get to your bank.

    The only things that matter are the terms of the contract, which you can see on the application. How long is the grace period (how long do you have to pay each month before interest starts to apply)? If you do end up paying interest, what is the rate? If you charge over your limit, is there an automatic penalty fee in addition to the interest? How much is the fee? Speaking of fees, is there an annual fee or any other charge like that? What about rebates, airline miles, or other benefits--does either bank offer those?

    Bottom line: pay no attention at all to the name on the card. It is the language of the cardholder agreements that you should compare.

    I hope this helps.

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