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How do I become an NHL statistician?

My undergraduate degree is in pure mathematics and my graduate degree is in statistics. I understand that a reasonable amount of experience is necessary and that the NHL is laden with nepotism but what step can I take to become an NHL statistician?

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    1 Contact your local NHL Hockey club and inquire about a job or even and intern position if you are willing to try and get in the door and not get paid for awhile. It is probably an easier way in the door if they do not have to pay you. Maybe try to work it that you are working on a project and would just like to sit with an experienced statistician for a game...great way to make a contact and really see what they do.

    #2 If you are willing to relocate send your resume and cover letter to all of the NHL Hockey teams and tell them the exact job you are looking for.

    #3 Contact minor league hockey teams and try and get your foot in the door that way and get some experience. Would seem to make you more attractive to NHL teams and is a good way to make contacts in the industry.

    #4 Think about contacting ststistics companies like Stats Incorporated or Elias Sports Bureau.

    #5 Contact local colleges that have Hockey programs and try and get experience by working their games. The most important thing is you get some experience in the field.

    #6 Take almost any job with the NHL...it is important that you just get your foot in the door and then you can work on getting your statistician job.

    Your mathematics degree and statistics degree would seem to be the right combination to get this sort of job. The one thing you need is some experience...college, minor leagues, etc...would seem to be the place to get it. One thing to realize is you will never make a huge income in this field...from the info I have found it tops out at 65K a year and most of these jobs are seasonal or part time.

    This web site has a lot of sports jobs and internships listed:


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    ...why else would you set aside your degrees in pure mathematics and statistics to work as a "statistician" within the NHL? I can't imagine such a position requiring a formal degree in statistics, much less a degree in pure mathematics.

    I suggest you go to every NHL team website--don't worry, they are countably many :) --and comb through career opportunities; e.g., http://rangers.nhl.com/team/app/?service=page&page...

    or, http://hockeyjobs.nhl.com/teamwork/jobs/default.cf...

    You may not be able to step right into the statistician role you are dreaming of, but you may be able to work your way there by starting instead seriously employing your statistics education in marketing roles. I would imagine that sports broadcasting technology is also a source of employment opportunities in this area.

    I wish you the best of luck in your search. If you change your mind and would rather make some more money with your background, look into data analytics. There are many firms with pretty bright people like you must be which support corporate clients in marketing and risk management.

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    exchange right into a working laptop or computing device. No offense yet each logistical stat may be desperate with tips from a working laptop or computing device application for a interest....... except you have different stats that no person has concept-approximately (and any team would locate constructive) then i'd think of the NHL would desire to pay a monkey to do information get right of entry to for statistical fields. In different words, you're too qualified.

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