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Did the "Big Three" during WW2, All mistrust each other?

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    If you are talking about Britain, The Soviet Union, & the U.S. yes. If you are talking about Germany, Italy, & Japan. Hitler & Mussolini trusted each other. But neither one of them really trusted Japan & vice versa. Besides Mussolini supported Hitler from the beginning. The U.S. always entered the World Wars late. And there Governing styles had more differences to them. Than Hitler & Mussolini's who were both Fascists. Not that Hitler saw Mussolini as his equal though, but more as someone who could do his bidding until he no longer needed him.

    Of course in WWI the Alliance between Germany & Austria was the strongest Alliance. So Germany always had at least one ally that could be trusted more than the Allies had, they were just always out numbered in the long run, by more powerful nations that in the end turned on them.

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    probably because of the "intelligence" they received

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