Who is Daryl Renard Atkins?

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    A retard who killed a man and was sentenced to life in prison because he was too retarded to execute. So basically, he wasn't actually retarded, just really really stupid otherwise they couldn't have raised his IQ.

    "The state's witness, Dr. Stanton Samenow, countered the defense's arguments that Atkins was mentally retarded, by stating that Atkins's vocabulary, general knowledge and behavior suggested that he possessed at least average intelligence. As a result, Atkins's death sentence was upheld."

    Although Atkins's case and ruling may have saved other mentally retarded inmates from the death penalty, a jury in Virginia decided in July 2005 that Atkins was intelligent enough to be executed on the basis that the constant contact he had with his lawyers had intellectually stimulated him and raised his IQ above 70, making him competent to be put to death under Virginia law.

    However, in January 2008, Circuit Court Judge Prentis Smiley, who was to conduct a trial solely on the matter of whether Atkins was or was not retarded learned of new allegations of prosecutorial misconduct, that if true, would have stricken the testimony of Atkin's co-defendant, William Jones. Without Jones' testimony being admissible, Smiley ruled to commute Atkins' sentence to life in prison.

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