Why does my girlfriend get personally offended if I don't like a book or movie she likes?

When my g/f reads a novel (she reads about two mysteries a week), and I say I don't like the book when she likes it, or if we watch a movie and I don't like the movie but she does, she gets upset, almost as though I'm misunderstanding her or the book/movie. If I like a book or a movie and she doesn't, I don't care. It's no big deal. I even tell her she can hate any book/movie I like. So what. People have different tastes. What could be the reason for her response?

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    It's fine to dislike whatever you want, if you find them boring its okay, so long as you're not mean about it or going on about how lame they are when she really likes them. Also she might want you to like the things she likes if you don't have many things in common, so that there can be some kind of common ground between you that you can talk about/enjoy together. Has she been trying to get you to read many books? If she is, that might be it.

    @ Cristine: LOL, I feel sorry for your bf if you have one. Does that mean he gets no opinion? xP

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    probably she just wants that both of you share a common interest or share the same interest. of course every couple would want to have a lot of similarities between them. Maybe this is one way for her to feel that both you are meant to be. I get your point that we really dont care about those stuff because that doesnt bother us at all. But for the girls, i think that this small things are really important for them and thats the reason she gets upset. Maybe she just needs to accept that this should not affect your relationship.

    Hope you guys solve all your issues.

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    She wants you to like what she likes. Really it is as simple as that. Be compromising when you tell her you didn't like it. Make sure you don't say you hate it but rather that it wasn't your cup of tea or it was so-so. Whatever you do... DO NOT LIE. Don't say you liked it if you didn't.

  • Maybe your girlfriend wants to like the things she like. If you really love her, try to love the things that she want you, to like. is it hard? No it isnt :)

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    Because she doesn't have balls.

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