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What do I do after I said this to her?

Well my friend, acts like she doesnt care about me but ig we're bffs but she is a freshmen and her parents wouldnt let her date this junior she liked but she dated him anyway and i was on facebook and she told me her parents found out they were at the mall together. I gave her a taste of what she was acting like to me and just said stuff like: ooh, ok, wow.

Then I lost my cool and said "Im ready to about kill myself and I have to worry about this justin s***"

Ive never cussed but she never stops tlaking about him. And she could be in SERIOUS trouble for being at the mall with him. (PS im not really ready to kill myself.) I know I'm a HUGE HUGE HUGE buttcheek for saying that to her. this happen like 3hrs ago and haven't talked to ANYONE. and now I'm afraid to text her. And I'm worried about her.

I know I was a buttmunch for saying that to her but what should I do now?

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    Text her, apologize, say you lost your cool because wanted to see her take responsibility for her actions (seeing him) instead of continuing to complain about it to you because you couldn't do anything about it. Say it's hard to hear that over and over again when there's nothing you can do, that you want to be her friend. It sounds like you're older than her - maybe that's part of the reason for the difference in your maturity levels? Just food for thought. Freshman girls are notorious for acting just like that. That's why senior guys see them as fresh meat that's just flaky enough to fall for their fake cooing to get in their pants.

    Source(s): I'm a psychologist. Not only am I a mom who's been through the whole high school drama charade, but I also have a 17-year-old daughter.
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    You two have been together for some time. you know her as well as she knows you.

    So follow what your heart says. There is abond that cannot be broken. You must tell her the reason why you did what you did. She is depending on you for are all she has left. She would not have called if you were not. Do what you think is right. you will not regret your answer.

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    text her and tell her that you lost your cool because she kept mentioning that guy and you got jelous :)

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    text her.

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