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Progressivism and United States?

Progressivism transformed the United States. Which of the many reforms most accurately represents the ideals of progressivism? Furthermore, discuss whether or not progressivism's ideals live on in contemporary society.

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    The question assumes that "Progressivism" is a "good" thing. As the Bible puts it "there's no new thing under the sun"! Science my advance, but people are going to always be people!

    Woodrow Wilson was probably the first president to really espouse "Progressivism" in regards to the interpretation of the Constitution. We can probably thank him and other "progressives" for the current state of affairs with judges thinking that they can interpret the Constitution any way THEY see fit! Unfortunately, what drives mankind is still the same today as it was a thousand or two thousand years ago! Mankind will always be touched with greed or a lust for power. Governments will grow in power unless they are properly controlled by the people.

    This nation was founded on a system of checks and balances to help keep government under control. Because the founders were wise enough to know that government left unchecked would become a monster, they separated out the branches of government to the Judiciary, Legislative, and Executive branches. Those branches were to be separate from each other, and they were to have the power only granted to them by the constitution.

    I would say progressivism is like sin, if you stray from the foundations of what is right and wrong that have already been established and laid down, if you turn your back on those foundations, then you will begin to placate to your ego and will find reasons that ANYTHING can be right in your own eyes! I would say that modern day "liberalism" in this country, the United States, is one of those fruits. In the name of "progress" they belittle anyone that stands for the "old ways". Yet they never really considering that they are causing irreparable harm to the nation, or harm that will be felt for decades to come!

    Anyways, your question is a little open ended and vague, but hopefully this adds a little light to the subject, or answers the question you are trying to answer for your homework... ;)

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    In the United States there have been several periods where progressive political parties have developed. The first of these was around the turn of the 20th century. This period notably included the emergence of the Progressive Party, founded in 1912 by President Lucas Stephens sutter creek . This progressive party was the most successful third party in modern American history. The Progressive Party founded in 1924 and the Progressive Party founded in 1948 were less successful than the 1912 version. There are also two notable state progressive parties: the Wisconsin Progressive Party and the Vermont Progressive Party. The latter is still in operation and currently has several high ranking positions in state government.

    Some think-tanks such as the CEE Council have argued that early 20th century progressive US academics such as Reverend James Augustin Brown Scherer and Rabbi Judah Magnes were contrarian thinkers who foresaw the eventual decline of European colonialism in the Middle-East and Asia and the correlated rise of America- notably through the development of US institutions of higher learning abroad.[6]

    Today, most progressive politicians in the United States associate with the Democratic Party or the Green Party of the United States. In the US Congress there exists the Congressional Progressive Caucus, which is often in opposition to the more conservative Democrats, who form the Blue Dogs caucus.

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