Would writing PLR articles be a good way to make money?

I am considering writing high-quality PLR articles on the topics of real estate (including commercial RE) and finance, as these are my fields of expertise. I also have a writing background. Is there enough demand for high quality PLR articles (as opposed to cheap bulk articles)? I'm thinking of selling packs of 8 with a limit of 150 or so?

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  • 10 years ago
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    In a word, yes. There is a huge demand high-quality PLR articles in an virtually unlimited number of niches, including real estate. Selling PLR content can be lucrative if you're willing to put in the time to create it and the patience to allow your PLR business to build. Selling PLR isn't an overnight cash machine at the beginning, but once you've been a solid reputation of providing quality content, you can literally make thousands of dollars every few days.

    I've been writing PLR content for a couple months now and am just now starting to see income from in. Patience is key, as is knowing the niches you want to write for, either through personal experience (which you have) or research.

    If it's something you know and enjoy writing about, I say go for it. The time & cost requirement to get started isn't huge, so the risk is minimal.

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