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Minivan vs. SUV for family of 5?

Our family of 5 consists of me, my husband, and our children , they're 4 months,18 months, 4 years old and we are thinking about getting a new vehicle. I want a minivan and my husband wants an SUV. What are some of the pros and cons of each? If you have one or the other and love it, please tell me why!

If you have an SUV is it hard to get the kids in and out of the car (stepping up) , explain the process , LOL

I have talked to friends , and they say it is hard to get their kids in and out of the SUV (BIG draw back) but SUVs seat 9 .

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    SUV costs more, cost more to insure, gets poorer fuel mileage. An SUV has a much higher rollover rate than a minivan, although the rollover rate of a minivan is higher than most cars. Your husband has an ego problem. Men don't want to be caught dead in a minivan. An SUV is so much cooler to them. You'll have to decide if you can afford the extra gas and car insurance.

    I have a Honda Odyssey. It seats 7, although 6 more comfortably.

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    Minivan Vs Suv

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    SUV's cost more, but they are a WHOLE lot cooler.

    If we have more kids we would like to get an SUV, but a mini van is more in our budget.

    Yes, SUV's are a bit harder to get in and out of, but the 4 year old could do it. By 3 they can hop in on their own, 2 is a bit hit or miss. But you just lift them into the vehicle.

    I was a nanny, they had an SUV, and you had to be careful with a toddler because it was a LONG step down. I had a Honda Civic, so not a concern for us! He could step in as soon as he could walk.

    The toddler was never really injured getting in and out of the SUV. I think out was more of a problem then in though.

    Minivan's really lack any sort of cool factor though. lol. And the SUV's tend to be more reliable, but it depends on the make and model.

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    I have a one year old and a newborn and I have a minivan.. And I love it! I had an SUV when I had my son and it seemed to be more of a struggle with the car seat.. I had to climb up to get him in and out of the SUV and it was just too much.. I had a Expedition and I know have a Mazda van.. I like the Mazda van more than any others because it doesn't look so much like a van, it is still sporty and still has the room we need..

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    Well, we have an SUV and I know people who own minivans. I wish there was a hybrid of both, honestly. An SUV usually is much higher off the ground and many can seat 8 or so with the 3rd row, but many times the 3rd row is only fit for smaller people. It can be hard to get to the 3rd row in an SUV because they rarely have split bucket seats for the second row like minivans. I sat in the third row recently to test it and see what it was like and it wa very hard to get into! And I had absolutely NO legroom. I don't know about cost or fuel efficiency, either. My suggestion is to write down what is truly important to you in transportation. Safety, features, coolness, etc. Kelley Blue Book is an excellent website to go to for reviews, safety, etc. For me, some of the important things were child safety locks, power window lockout for the backseat, rear AC/heat vents, and crash test ratings. Things like a DVD system were not. I know I will probably need one later, but it is MUCH cheaper to get individual portable ones for each kid or over the headrest ones than it is to get a factory installed one.

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    We bought a used but nice Honda Odyssey. I LOVE it. I prefer mini vans over SUVs just because they are not so hard to climb in and out of.

    My van seats 8 comfortably plus we can fold down the back seats into the van for easy hauling of large objects, and it has both side doors that open with a push of a button and it is quiet and comfortable for long road trips.

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    i love our suv. it is a bit more work to get the kids in and out, but to me a minivan just screams look at me im ugly! an suv is way cooler and more "modern" imo.

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    The Honda minivan is easy to get lil ones in and out. We have a Trailblazer. I joke that we have to 'blaze a trail' to the 'way way' back to get the lil ones in and out of car seats.


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    --> how dads view those minivans.

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