did dragons really live?

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    Dragon history can be summed up as follows: "The dragons of legend are strangely like actual creatures that have lived in the past. They are much like the great reptiles [dinosaurs], which inhabited the earth long before man is supposed to have appeared on earth." (Knox Wilson, "Dragon", The World Book Encyclopedia, Vol. 5, 1973, pg. 265.)

    In light of that statement from The World Book Encyclopedia, many people don't realize that paleontology (the study of past geological ages based primarily on the study of fossils) is a relatively new science. In fact, the concept of dinosaurs (giant lizards) only surfaced in its present form less than 180 years ago. Prior to that, anyone who found a large fossilized bone assumed it came from an elephant, dragon or giant. There wasn't any notion of "science" attached to these finds.

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    The Serpent Theory:

    Many people believe that the origination of dragons came from serpents. Rather, they came from snakes and eels that people saw. As time went on and art evolved, these serpents became more and more decorated until they looked more like semi-Chinese dragons or sea serpents.

    It is also suggested that people saw mutated eels and snakes or thought that some of their surroundings (i.e. for eels, seaweed, for snakes, sticks) were actually a part of them. Thus making them look as if they were draconic. This actually suggest that dragons were formed out of the misinterpretation of artwork, stories, and sights throughout the ages. Possible? Yes. It isn't as if they had cameras!

    The Bones Theory:

    This theory pertains to the remains that people found and called "dragon bones" so it definitely holds no water in battle of where the term dragon came from. However, it does provided an interesting idea that people thought the bones of dinosaurs to be dragons, and they though dragons to be descendants (or parents) to such serpents as the snake and lizard. The Bones Theory suggests that people found the bones and created stories about the fierce creatures that once lived within those bones.

    Sadly, this theory is lacking when it comes to civilizations as China and other Asian dragons. Due to their unscientific structures, Chinese dragons and Asian dragons could never have originated from seeing bones. On the other hand, one might think that they either adapted the bones to the dragons or they only found some bones. Whichever the case, this theory is not as likely as the Serpent Theory.

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    I believe dragons are possibly the reflection, sometimes embellished through retelling but mostly historical, of actual physical encounters of human beings with dinosaurs.

    I am not at all convinced it has been proven that the dinosaurs became extinct prior to the advent of man. I believe there is much evidence, ancient and modern, to indicate that dinosaurs and humankind existed on earth contemporaneously, and that human beings, while they probably lived in different regions than dinosaurs for the most part, did on many occasions encounter the sometimes huge and fearsome creatures. The memories of these encounters were so vivid and deep that they were passed down in a multitude of cultures as legends, painted on cave walls, represented in pottery, and written of in literature.

    I propose that early humanity did encounter dragons, or dinosaurs. This means that humanity did not evolve millions of years after the dinosaurs became extinct, but that the two co-existed. Each piece of evidence by itself may perhaps be explained away, as those who accept evolutionary concepts are prone to do. But the evolutionary model of history which separates humanity and dinosaurs by millions of years leaves too many unanswered questions. How could a people draw pictures of dinosaurs on ancient cave walls, if none were around to serve as models? How is it that so many ancient cultures wrote about dinosaurs (dragons), if they were unknown to early humanity? How do the early literary accounts of dragons end up being so realistic, down to the smallest details?

    The possibilities are endless and I hope this helps :)

    Source(s): Knox Wilson, "Dragon", The World Book Encyclopedia, Vol. 5, 1973, pg. 265 I wrote a report on dragons in college ;D
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    I believe in dragons:)

    In ancient times, people all over the world have claimed to fight and talk of a great, fire breathing dragons. Some were evil, like the one knights would slay, yet in china they are said to be very wise and lucky.

    People today say they confused a dragon for an animal like the komodo dragon but im pretty sure that the people back then knew the difference between an animal and a giant flying, fire breathing creature who was of great threat and/or luck.

    This may sound a little strange, but people all over the world claim to speak to such great creatures through meditation, and that they have taught them many things.

    So this may seem hard to believe but just remember to keep an open mind because if you keep the textbook closed how will you ever learn?

    Source(s): Fact is much stranger then fiction my friend :)
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    Though science may prove other wise, I say Yes. It is weird how so many countries and regions that are so far apart had the same concept and scriptures of the same thing(dragon).

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    No. Most of the dragon legends are based on retellings of stories about large reptiles like crocodiles, or are explanations of dinosaur bones. Tons of dinosaur bones have been sold as "dragon bones" over the years in Chinese medicine. Dragons are usually depicted as having six limbs (two wings and four legs). There are no six-legged land animals other than insects.

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    Perhaps some types of Dinosaurs and or flying reptiles existed into medieval and or early historic times.That's not to say they could actually breath fire though.

    Source(s): Books
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    It hasn't been proved by anyone, but who knows? It's mainly just a story I guess but we can't know to be sure.. But there is a rather cute looking thing called a Komodo dragon, which don't breathe fire and are more like big lizards.


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    not fairy tail ones but ones like the comoto dragon are real and also some dragon dinasours.

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    9 years ago

    Yes there are dragons. I think they may be associated with thunderstorms. (I am thinking more of Eastern-type dragons.)

  • Anonymous
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    No, only the Comodo one, the dinosaurs were not dragons.

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    tolkien based his dragons on germanic legends.

    so there is something to it.

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