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Factor 5 Leiden help?

Ok so this is gonna be kinder long so bare with me please I want to give the whole story. Starting in about June or July of this year i starting having really bad chest pains / pains in my right arm. It would make me really weak and exhausted. I could not do much of anything when this would happen. It has been going on ever since then. There is nothing that really sets it off. I will just start hurting and once I do i hurt for about 2 - 3 days. Also I have been getting bruises all over my legs and have no clue how they have gotten there. I have went to my primary doctor and saw a heart specialist yesterday. He didn't really say anything just had some blood taken for some test and scheduled a echo-cardiogram(sp?) Today i got a call from my aunt on my mother's side and said that her, her daughter, my grandmother and 2 more of my aunts found out that they have factor 5 leiden. my mother was never tested. I will be calling my doctors on monday to tell them about it. but for right now im freaking out. could this be the cause of all the troubles that i have been having here lately. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you

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    this is an inherited disorder of the blood related blood clotting and abnormal clots i would tell your medical doctor Monday and yes blood clots can be very painful

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    I unquestionably have a double gene for 5 leiden and MTHR that's additionally a clotting element. My OB informed me to maintain taking a intense dose of folic acid and this would help with a intense homocysteine point. I took delivery administration earlier understanding that I had this and had no issues yet for sure now won't be able to take them. possibly the folic acid element would be a stable precautionary element to commence? ask your OB or family individuals MD.

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