White cells? Cancer? Urine in the blood?

I am very worried for a good friend who thinks she may have cancer...the doctor wants to do more testing to be sure. She has been having lumps in her arm pits and blood in the urine. Is this a typical sign of something fatal, please help me out... I am very concerned.

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  • Tiny
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    1 decade ago
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    She obviously has some sort of infection in her body but you can't figure it out for her . Just let the doctors do their job and be there to support and comfort her with whatever diagnosis she ends up with. It's good that you are so concerned but there are a million different possibilities of what it could be. Both of those symptoms are very vague. Good Luck.

  • J B
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    1 decade ago

    White cells and blood in the urine could be a urinary tract infection. It is the swollen lymph nodes that needs additional testing. There is no way of knowing if the swollen nodes are related to her current illness or something else. Her doctor will have to figure this out for her.

    Source(s): Health care provider
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