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SvR2011- who are your champions, new created tag teams and winners in your WWE Universe?

Who are your champions on WWE RAW and WWE Smackdown, how many new tag teams do you have in your Universe, heels/faces and who are your RR Winner and MITB Winner in your WWE Universe.

Im In my 2nd Year Now and I got three more weeks and i'm in my 2nd year to go to Backlash!

WWE Champion- R-Truth (Cashed In on Triple H before the Royal Rumble)

World Heavyweight Champion- CM Punk (defeated Rey Mysterio at WM)

Intercotinental Champion- Dolph Ziggler (retain against Christian at WM)

United States Champion- Yoshi Tastu (defeated The Miz at WM)

Unified Tag Team Champions- Chris Jericho & The Miz (defeated Morrison & Truth at WM)

Divas Champion- Natayla (defeated Gail Kim and Eve at WM)

Women Champion- Michelle McCool (hold the title for like 4 months because i mostly simulate divas matches and that is the only match that i simulated at my WM Card)

Royal Rumble Winner- CM Punk

Money In The Bank- The Miz!

New Faces


Nikki Bella

New Heels


DH Smith

New Created Tag Teams and Team Names

- A/Z (Archer & Ziggler)

- RK-POW! (Orton & Yoshi)

- Thunder and Lightning (Mark Henry & Evan Bourne)

- The Gold Standards (Christian & Shelton Benjamin)

- The Riot Makers (Sheamus & Mike Knox)

- True Americans (Jack Swagger & Cody Rhodes)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Champions: World Heavyweight Shawn Michaels

    Intercontinental: Dolph Ziggler

    WWE Champion:Kofi Kingston

    United States:Sheamus

    Womens:Beth Phoeni

    Tag Team:Shelton Benjamin and Goldust(The Gold Standards)

    New Heels:John Cena,HBK,MVP,Chris Jericho,Edge,The Miz

    New Faces:Kane,Sheamus

    Royal Rumble Winner:Edge

    MITB Winner:Miz

    Stables:Miz Jericho Edge (The Egomaniacs)

  • 4 years ago

    neither team have the final chemistry between them yet i might would desire to assert the miz and john morrison might win. hardcore holly is a solid wrestler yet cody rhodes continues to be up and coming that ought to be a solid tournament nevertheless

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