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Do Australian's have the day off to vote?

I am writing a paper for a history class about compulsory voting in Australia. I have a lot of research but I still don't have all the information I need. For example, I need to know if Australian's are given the day off to vote, or if they are given a break at work to go vote? Also I need to know if voting is the same all over Australia. Here in the US voting is based on local government. Is that the same in Australia? Or does the federal government run all the voting in Australia?

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Does Australia have local governors? Do the six states in Australia vote the same exact way?

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    You do not have the day off to vote however

    1) it is on a Saturday (most people do not work)

    2) you can go to a pre-polling centre in your area for the 2 weeks prior to the actual voting day to vote

    3) you can apply for a postal vote and send it in by post.

    4) there are 20-50 voting centres in each electorate. Most schools, major churches, airports, nursing homes are also voting centres. Also hospitals usually have a voting centre set up for patients/staff. In regional centres, the voting centres travel around for the weeks before.

    5) The election is called anytime after 3 years from the last election and only lasts 5-6 weeks. No political advertisements on TV occur before the election is called.

    Voting is run by the federal government (www.aec.gov.au)

    We have state parliaments which are voted for in the same way (the leader of the winning party is called the Premier). The Governor is appointed (usually someone who has done something major for the state/country - i.e. the first female supreme court judge after she retired from the bench) by the Governor General in Canberra. They do the ceremonial duties, the Premier runs the state.

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    australians dont work as much so they get time to

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