What is the best brand of motorcycle?

I mean what are the best makers of motorcycle. XD

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    Without a doubt, Harley-Davidson is the best brand, not only for motorcycles, but also for clothing, lingerie, coffee mugs, ash trays, you name it. But that does not mean Harley Davidson makes the best motorcycles; far from it. In fact their motorcycles, judged on many objective standards (value for dollar, performance, performance per dollar, reliability, utility) are among the worst motorcycles made.

    BMW use to be able to lay a legitimate claim to make the best motorcycles, but no longer. They are the victims of their own technology, and the rest of the industry has caught up. A BMW no longer can justify its premium price, especially in the sport-touring category that is the core of its business. The best-selling GS series, especially the twins, are brilliant tourers, but prone to an extraordinary level of drive-line failures, failures which should simply never occur in a part of the bike that should contribute to extraordinary liability. Nor does BMW any longer give the customer the almost unquestioning factory support that used to make every BMW owner a satisfied owner, even if he bought an apparent lemon. Once-loyal owners are more and more turning to other marques.

    Ducati and KTM make beautifully-detailed, exotic bikes. Triumph has excellent offerings in a number of categories. The Big Four all build excellent, well-turned-out bikes. Of these, my favorite is Suzuki. Fit and finish and build quality rival Honda. In many categories, Suzuki builds the bike I would most like to ride. I have had excellent experiences with middle-aged and older Suzukis, which suggest that their bikes will continue to serve well and look good many years after they are obsolete.

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    As far as quality goes the winner would be hard to choose for me. So I would have to pick a brand that has done something special-not speed-not cost-not even a cool look. I have noticed a few old timers giving answers... so some of them can remember when there was a time if you pulled into a place on two wheels you were automatically treated like a thug or a deadbeat. I was constantly talked "down to" by several fuddy duddy teachers in school....I couldn`t park with the bicycles....my motorcycle was kicked over in a parking place for cars or moved because I was not worthy of a whole place..(COPS was on bikers without intermission)....many more, but I`ll give you my answer. HONDA changed the image that bikers of all brands enjoy today and you can" thumbs down "me a thousand times if your`re an anti-Honda fan or a die-hard Harley man, but credit goes to the brand that changed things. Every motorcycle movie that came out in the late 50s and early 60s made a rider duck their head with shame when the dirty looks fell upon them walking out the door. So thanks to HONDA with all their " You meet the nicest people on a Honda" slogans.

    Source(s): experience(not so good at one time era)
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    Best Motorcycle in World--BMW. Actually Bavarian Motor Works -but the reputation for reliable performance was earned over many years of riding. The flat twin engineering has advantages in cooling and smooth running, the shaft drive had advantages in reliability. The /2 magneto ignition and reliable generator meant minimal lights out and no spark like the English cycles with the Lucas Alternators of the time or the Harley's with worn generator bushings and brushes not running. Current models still reliable, good performers but price reflects labor costs as well as cycle quality. A more cost effective cycle? Most of the Japanese brands have a reliable tourer and some fast sports models, Harley has decent -sometimes still quirky - road cycles, depends on what you want in cycle. My current Goldwing has many of the advantages of the /2 BMWs upgraded- reliable, smooth running, enough speed to worry about tickets, larger dealer network, electric start instead of kick start.

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    All of the manufacturers that the US imports are good, it's a matter of taste and what bike fits you the best. If you're thinking of buying a motorcycle, go to some of your local dealerships and see if they'll let you test ride anything, test ride as many different makes and models as you can and see what you like the best.

    Personally? I prefer European bikes because the ride feels more refined and the quality of the manufacturing, materials and engineering is better.

    But what is comes down to is personal preference.

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    You have asked an unanswerable question.

    There is no best brand.

    Suppose you desire a dual sport motorcycle. While many believe Harley-davidson to be one of the best motorcycle manufactures, they don't offer a dual sport.

    Say you desire a two stroke woods bike. Not offered by Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, or Kawasaki. KTM makes a great two stroke woods bike.

    What type of riding do you want to do? Answer that question first. Then re-post your question.

    Good Luck

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    The best brand of bike is the one you enjoy riding. All of the major motorcycle manufacturers are pretty much equal in performance, fit and finish. There are minor variances but you'll never see them or use them in daily use. Just about everyone has an opinion and , of course, their brand is best.

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    As far as new, non antique bikes, I have no use for Harleys, or mexican or chinese bikes, I don't really want a Victory or micro brand cruiser. Other than that I just love all motorcycles. Every brand has a motorcycle that I would love to own.

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    The best brand is determined by what you consider to be important features and which bike meets them. For me, the bike that meets and exceeds my list of important criteria is Harley Davidson. For you it may be some other manufacturer.

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    Triumph, BSA,Indian

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