letter to my principal about homophobia?

i'm gay and have recently come out about it along with my girlfriend. i've been fine and okay to ignore or make the odd homophobes be quiet but now there are some really sadistic groups of people taking it far enough to follow me in a group of about 20 people shouting insults even when i ignore them. i want to write anonymously to my principal and tell him i want an assembly against homophobia. how do i write him a letter that will win him over? thank you

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    Describe to your principal, the details of your experiences. Relate it to the experiences that people all over the world have experienced only because they are "different". Explain how this mob of up to 20 students is like the angry mobs of the nazi holocaust which also forced gays to wear pink triangles as identification in the same way they forced Jews to wear makeshift Stars of David, and encouraged the executions of gays because they were "different". Encourage the principal to encourage the students to learn from each other, to embrace the values of compassion and understanding for each other.

    Maybe he could encourage the students to take a field trip to the holocaust museums in Washington DC, Houston TX, or foreign trips to Warsaw Poland, or Jerusalem Israel's Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum. Students would be able to see the horrors of discrimination first-hand and maybe come to understand that we need to all band together against hatred of all types.


    Source(s): Retired police crime scene detective and CEO of a zoo & science museum...and gay.
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    Woo awesome idea but with him it would have to be VERY persuading, erm you could write about how much it made you upset and what people have said to you and think of the worse one not just the ones where they have called you a name, maybe the ones were you have been pushed or hurt in anyway may show the seriousness of it.

    Explain that the littler poster in the coridoor isn't doing enough and they do talk about bullying but not the different kinds ect

    Anyways you with a B in English you will do an awesome letter and I could try and help out not that you'll need it haha!

    Good look lahojamuggas

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    Well, the first thing you have to worry about is avoiding sentences like "I want an assembly against homophobia!" This may come across as quite arrogant, and you certainly don't want to look as if YOU are telling YOUR HEADMASTER how to deal with an issue.

    I'm sure you wouldn't do that though, but just try to make sure that you turn it into a request rather than a demand. Really there are two issues at hand here: there's homophobia in general and then there's this group of 20 people who are personally harassing you. You should be aware than an assembly, though it would help tremendously with the general attitude of the school, is very unlikely to change the opinions of "sadistic groups". It will only really have an effect on the more moderate homophobes who are simply following their mates. Also, if people are genuinely following you around harassing you, you should talk to a teacher about this.

    As for winning your headmaster over, I would say the easiest way to convince him is to combine your own experience with statistics on homophobia in schools (obviously don't just list numbers, integrate them into your arguments). Also perhaps cite some studies. Unfortunately I can't give an exact link, but there was a study recently which found that schools that strongly expressed an anti-homophobic stance had much better quality of life for homosexual students. Also cite that two thirds of gay pupils experienced bullying (in the UK at least) and other details relevant to your country (I'm not sure where you are). Also talk about the damage bullying does (much higher suivcide rates, self harm etc). In talking generally about the issue, you give your arguments more weight, as they are not just about yourself, and you also give him some material to get him started thinking about what to say in the assembly. Do some decent research, but try to constantly talk about the two issues (personal and general) at hand here. At the end of the letter, perhaps suggest that even if he is not willing to do an assembly on homosexuality (this may be the case because it is a very sensitive issue), you would like something to be done about the people who are harassing you.

    How about starting with something like this:

    Dear Headmaster,

    I am writing to ask you whether you would be willing to consider holding an assembly on the issue of homophobia. As a homosexual myself, I have recently experienced a great deal of discrimination from certain sectors of the school population. This has for the most part involved verbal harassment and intimidation, but I am particularly concerned about a group of students who have started following me around the school (or outside?), repeatedly insulting me about my sexuality. Seeing as, according to statistics, it is likely that between 2 and 20% of the student body will be homosexual, I feel that an increased awareness concerning homophobia and why it is wrong would be of huge benefit to a great many students within the school, and, seeing as homophobic attitudes will continue into adulthood, a great many people in the outside world as well.

    I would recommend having talked to your form teacher before you send this letter, to see if he/ she is able to help you with your stalkers; it may well be that if you raise enough of an issue about it to them, they will recommend such an assembly to the headmaster for you.

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    I also say: Ask the principal about any policies they have about speaking with students about bullying and sexual orientation and gender identity and if they have something that would talk to students about it. If they don't then tell them that they should have a policy to discuss this along with race, gender, creed and religion. If they give you the run around, call the ACLU. Unfortunately, a school has to get sued in order to validate its gay students

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    AS Immatweet heart suggested ,in the letter you should mention his duty as a principle to protect and provide a safe learning environment for his students. Talk about the harassment and your concerns and how it needs to be stopped. Have you talked to your parents? Are they aware and accepting of your relationship? If so having them talk to a supervisor might be a good idea as well as the faculty is more likely to listen to your parents then to you.

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    I would suggest you to write a really formal letter to your principal, or the better, to talk to him/her in person. Tell him/her about your situation, that you do not make public scandal and explain that it is your own private life and none of their business, im sure if s/he has a working brain, s/he will make those homophobians stop.

    Good luck & proud of you

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    Write down your feelings, but back em up with sources. Write down the effects of homophobia on people.

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    I'm assuming you're in a school environment, in which case your principal has a duty to protect you from abuse. Try arguing from that angle instead of doing it all anonymously, that ought to do the trick.

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    take a more in school and says he is her father! and have him talk seriously with the director!

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    Say it was an April fool - a bit late but you get the idea...

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