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****** up situation...?

sooo i liked this girl alot like alot alot but she lead me on and i got super crushed and me and her best friend started talking like a week ago and her and her boyfriend just broke up and we had always talked but we really got to talking like every minute of every day and idk i think im starting to like her which is suuuuuper ******. and i sware to god im not like this ive only liked 3 girls since freshman year (im a junior) including her. shes moving to mass in like a month but like me and this girl would work so good together we always flirt and can relate on sooo many things. but i asked her today if she still liked her ex because it came up and she said she guesses she did because it takes awhile to get over people. but i would really like to know if i should even keep pursuing this at all because i seriously think me and her would be a great couple. even if she did move it would only be like an hour commute and itd be easy see eachother on weekends and stuff. ;lsdfgjkl;dfsgj;jlk;dfjadkls;fj its such a ****** up situation. like i feel sick i dont know if im actually sick or its from this entire thing alksdjf;lkj im soo restless about it. its like the most confusing thing ive ever experienced. please help?

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    Just be yourself. It doesn't matter if it's good enough for someone else.

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