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Will the Patriots and Jets win by a touchdown in their games on Nov. 6?

I need to know with as much accuracy as possible, as soon as possible. Jets play the Lions, and Patriots play the Browns. Best answer awarded ASAP.

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    The Pats will hammer the browns, I'd at least give them a two touchdown spread, The Jets and Lions on the other hand I feel will be very close, could be a touchdown or a field goal difference.

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    Pats will kill the Browns and the Jets are gonna lose to the Lions.

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    jets win by 4 and pats by 9

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    pats are bout to make brown all over the browns and the jets are bout to lose to the lions who are (i know shock) one of the hottest teams now and they have the defense to make sanchez look like he did last week

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    pat win EASY , VERY easy..

    and the lions...well....

    they're the most penalized team in the league....

    i can't' see them beating the jets this weekend...

    but ...nothin happens til it happens..ya know...

    Source(s): i'd LOVE be able to say im a "football fan" but in detroit we havent't seen much football....
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