how come nobody cares about the FED spending....?

650 billion large straight to investment bankers? as the value of stocks goes up, thanks to the new money provided by the FED, doesnt the value of our, (my), cash go down? isnt this an inflationary policy? how do you justify this action except to say it makes 401's and labor unions retirement plans look better? AND then do you or don't you think we are simply creating another false bubble in the markets? thank you. jim


i'm talking about the federal treasury department printing 650 billion NEW dollars to buy treasury bills. do ya'll even pay attention to what's going on? econ 101? anyone?

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    9 years ago
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    Its the Federal Reserve Bank (not actually federal,but private bank) which prints all this money. It is an unregulated bank and the treasury has basically borrowed all this money from this corrupt, shady and unregulated institution at HORRIBLE interest rates... END THE FED... look up on google this flick The Obama Deception. Nevermind the title...its EXTREMELY educational in these interesting subjects...

    Source(s): Dr. Ron Paul (Congressman) and his excellent lectures...and ...a great news source...
  • 9 years ago

    My father, Bill Beagle was just elected to the Ohio state Senate, we do care about the Federal spending, but until we get the democrats out of majority, they will veto every cut we propose and we can't do anything about that, only the voters can change the people.

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    9 years ago

    Consider yourself Ignored.

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