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Raider fans: Is Campbell a good quarterback?

I am a Raider fan also and I like Jason Campell as a quarterback. He just had a bad game. But he is doing great the last 2 weeks. He have over a 120 rating for quarterbacks the last 2 games with 4 touchdowns.

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    No! He is a horrible quarterback! Just kidding! He is a good quarterback but not close to great. But at times he plays like he is Pro Bowler. I like to see Jason be more consistent. He did had over 3,700 yards passing and 20 touchdown passes for the Redskins. But he is inconsistent. For example, let's say he had 350 yards passing and 4 touchdowns this week and then the next week he have only 150 yards passing and 0 touchdown passes. See what I mean. Campbell is good but he needs to be a little more consistent. Go Raiders!

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    I'm also a die hard Raider fan

    I have mixed feeling about Cambell. He is a good QB but not great or close to being elite. He is very inconsistent, and onece he becomes consistent, and has good protection, he is unstoppable, bottom line, just look when the Raiders line have a good protection play, JC also completes the pass, but i believe that he was overhyped when he got into Oakland because of the Jamarcus Russel era, and how bad it turned out. But it hink he is better than Bruce Gardkowski, because of experience and he has a better arm. soo bottom line, he is a good QB, not great and should continue to improve week by week and year by year

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    Yes. He just needs to get comfortable and have good protection.

    I think he will be the difference maker in the game vs the chiefs. If he plays like the Campbell vs the 49ers, we lose for sure unless our defense plays lights-out, but if he plays like the recent Campbell then we win, unless our D sucks up.

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    I totally agree with you and Al Davis made a right move to get him , I watched the guy get smacked around down in Washington and always thought he was a good QB , and I hope the Raiders do something this year too.

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    4 words should help you feel good about your QB:

    He's not JaMarcus Russell.

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