what is the fastest way to become a RN if i am going to a community college ?HELP registering for classes TOM.?

option 1:

if i go to community college i will need prerequisites than 2yrs to earn a associates (which equals like 3 years) than transfer to a university as a RN to BSN for another two years ( all together it like five years)


take first year general education classes at community college than transfer to a university without a degree and finish off the last three years (all together its four years)

is the information i have correct .....??? what can i do differently ???? i have a feeling i am going to get little help with advisers

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    RN is a license issued by the government where you live/go to school/work, not a college degree.

    ABN and BSN are college degrees which may allow you to jump the hoops to become an RN.

    different states and countries have different requirements -- oddly, the advisors in your jurisdiction probably actually have the right information.

    of course, it is perfectly possible to move to Florida, get a job for the next 18 months, and then go to community college here for two years and then be eligible to be an RN here in Florida [and after having paid two years of community college tuition, too -- which is cheaper than college tuition].

    if you're very lucky [and determined] you might even get an entry level job in a major hospital which would pay for your community college tuition [part time] after you've worked there for a year. That's cheaper yet.

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  • 5 years ago

    There are 2 year Associate degree programs for RN. They are Associate in Science degrees. The community college in my city has a good RN program - 2 year associate, thats all you need for a typical RN. Now for an Administrative RN, which makes alot more money, you need a Bachelors Degree - Bachelors of Science along the RN track. Thats about as much as I know. If you had a full school schedule 4 - 6 classes per semester you could finish your RN Associates in anywhere from 1 - 2 years, it could take alot longer of course if you only take 1 -2 classes per semester.

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