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When was the last time thou hast spoken my name in vain?

And when has thou last honored thy mother and father? Why haven't you visited them recently?

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    i just said god dammit few seconds ago actually, except you're not posing as god. so i guess i've never taken your name in vain.

    and as for my parents, it's a bit impossible for me to "honor" them

  • Alexis
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    I've never sworn an oath on the name "john m", whether I was sincere in that oath or not.

    Addendum: "In Biblical times, like today, people swore oaths on things that were important to them. This included such things as swearing on your homeland, or on the grave or soul of a loved one. One thing men swore on was their testicles, which involved a person placing their hand under the testicles of the oath-taker. There are numerous accounts of this very practice taking place in the Bible, and this is actually where the etymological root for the word "testis", the same root as for the words "testify" and “testament”, comes from.

    Another common practice, both today and in ancient times, was to make a sacred vow on God’s name. Saying, “I swear to God!” is, in the English-speaking world, an almost universally recognized way of conveying complete sincerity. The phrase "in vain" means "for no ultimate reason, due to an attempt at something having resulting in failure", and so "taking the Lord's name in vain" refers to swearing an oath on God's name that you either fail to keep, or do not intend to keep in the first place.

    It has nothing at all to do with using figures of speech such as "Oh, my God!”, “God damn it!”, or “Jesus Christ!” Using God’s name in this context is not in vain; in this case, the purpose is to express a thought, and here, the thought is indeed expressed successfully."

    From: "Taking the Lord's Name in Vain":

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    All the time and I burned down thou parents house so there's nothing to go see

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    Today, God damn it.

    I talked to my mom today and told her I love her :)

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  • Anonymous
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    His name is Yeshua, and Yahweh, not jesus and god, so it doesn't count.

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    Oh john damn it

  • 1 decade ago

    butthole god, god f*cking dammit, oh my fu*king god o_O

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