Should i talk to her or write a note?

hello there is this girl i like who's in 11th grade and i'm in 9th. if can barley talk to her alone and when i do its only for like a minute or two and i get neverious. but i get her a card and when ever i write something we really hit it off and it much better so should i write he a note of how i truely feel.


when i write her the not i'm going to talk to her the next day if i write it

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    Notes & cards are a really sweet gesture but you see saying it in person mean it even more cause you have to courage to say it to her , telling her shows that you trust her enough that she won't point blank diss you or reject you.


    Get to know her adn vice versa , become friends , like truly want to get to know her not just cause you're interested in a relationship.Talk about childhood memories , hobbies favourite past times, really get to know who she is as a person who she wants to be, because she might turn out different than to the idea you have of her in your head.

    Ask your self this , do you really liek her or do you just like the idea of her?

    with more elobaraton this mean do you day dream about her constantly , about you two doing things her talking about specific things but really does she do that in real life ??

    Hope this helped a bit

    good luck



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    if you cant talk to her in person and only on notes chances are you wont hit it off at all...also there is only a 2 year age difference but considering i also am in grade 11 i personally dont think i could go out with a 9th grader... the maturity levels are way different and she may think its weird

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    honestly i was going to tell you to just totally get over your shyness

    and talk to her, but what i think you should do is follow your heart.

    if you feel more comfortable with a letter do it, if you wanna try something new ,

    get out of your comfort zone and talk to her straight do it.

    dont feel scared, your only human and to be truthful

    i think it means a lot more when you show her how much you like her not just by your words

    but actions.

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    Whatever works best for you and you find more effective.

    I guess that once she starts talking to you that you will come out of your shell a lot more, and you'll be great friends :)

    btw don't overwhelm her with your feelings ahaha.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Please dear child... GO study! Dont ever think about another note ever again.... unless it was as a joke. You are in high school now.... people would laugh at you. Try to talk 2 sum1 around ur own age. gud luck!

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