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Dyson vacuum filter, wich way does it go?

so my dyson vacuum has this filter and it is 2 parts. one is a circular blue foamy thing and the other is a yellow thing it goes into. i forgot which way you place it back in the vacuum so is it the blue foam side up or the yellow thing up?

ya, my tems for the parts arent too good, oops XD.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hi, it's Ryan at Dyson.

    The answer to your question would depend on which specific Dyson vacuum model you own. Please call the Dyson Helpline at 1-866-693-9766 so we can assist you further or visit to review our online troubleshooting guides.

    In either case, I strongly recommend that you not use your Dyson vacuum until you are certain the filter is in the correct position to prevent damage to the motor.

    Best wishes,


    Dyson Customer Service

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