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How can we git rid of the libertarian and constitution partys?

they jsut cost chris dudley the republican governor in oregon, he lost by only 13,000 votes,

Are you really that stupid to think that you will actually elect a libertarian or constitution party candidate.

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    Libertarians are for giving power to the people unlike the Democrats and Republicans and their ideas of big Government. If people weren't so stupid when it comes to voting and fearing a waisted vote instead of voting for the person you think can do the job, we would not have all these politicians that make a bad situation worse or giving away free money to the already rich.

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    You really don't want that... Unfortunate as the resulting outcome, the alternate parties serve to send an important message to the political establishment (the two big parties) that they are not focusing on the ideals that are important to the voters that make up these other parties. This message helps lessen the business as usual syndrome (but not eliminate). This message especially resonates strongly with the established party that the alternate party shares the most ideals with. The end result of "stealing" votes in this case was from the Republican candidate who ultimately lost to the other "big" party (Democrats). This will force the republican party to refocus their platform and reemphasize the ideals they share with the Libertarian and Constitution parties if they want the votes they lost this time around.

    I feel your pain...(who said that? nevermind... flashback...) Unfortunately, yourself and others will have to endure the poor leadership/representation of the party in power until the next election when the voters and your local Republican party/candidates have another chance to right the ship. Hopefully, this will also send a message to the Democrat that got elected to at least follow a moderate path because more than half of his/her constituents did not vote for him/her!!! They usually don't though, they will do as much damage as they can before they're ousted...

    Source(s): My conscience and the screaming collective conscience of concerned citizens across our Great Nation
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    It's been my experience that third parties like the Libertarian, Green, or Independent offer voters candidates to vote for other than a Democrat or Republican. More people participate in the democracy because of this reason. If a voter doesn't agree with the Democrat or Republican, there are other options. Therefore, they vote instead of just sitting out. If this hurts the Democrat or Republican candidate, too bad. Perhaps that candidate who lost the most needed to explain his plans better if they tried to explain them at all. I am thinking the Republican candidate you mentioned ran a vague platform just spewing the typical party line which turned the voters who aren't sheep to an alternate party. So, alternate or third parties are a good thing. It makes candidates of the major parties take notice.

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    Are you really that stupid to think that the Republicans represent a real change in direction?

    Whether under a Republican or a Democrat the Federal Government just continues to grow, and with each regulation, agency and administration the rights of the people continue to be usurped by an ever growing government that seeks to control everything... We don't have a two party system in the US we have one Party, the Big Government Party with two wings. The Republican wing and the Democrat wing but both are taking this country in the same direction. IF 1000 republicans have to lose in the polls before people wise up, then so be it... better a bloodless revolution at the polls than a bloody revolution that will undoubtedly result if the Federal Government is left to grow unchecked into a tyrannical regime.

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    We can't 'git' rid of them and shouldn't even try. I am sorry that a Republican lost an election at this time, but it happens. We do need more than two choices of political parties though. We may not elect a libertarian or constitution party candidate any time soon, but we have the right to try.

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    shape party. in spite of the shown fact that there are some stances that i do no longer thoroughly believe, they're the closest element to following the form of the US. and because it extremely is the very rfile that all and sundry of our elected officers would desire to take an oath to abide by applying, it stands to reason that the party it extremely is closest to the form is the party that would desire to be in capacity (by applying way of the persons, of course). The Libertarian party has many sturdy stances, yet i'm able to't believe the pro-selection, infinite immigration, drug legalization, and loose commerce rules. nonetheless, the LP is greater constructive than the two branch of the DemoPublican party which regulations today... in simple terms ask your self: what's the point of government? in accordance to the Founding Fathers, it became to guard the lives, liberty, and components of the electorate. Then ask your self: Are the Dems or Repubs doing that? of course no longer!!

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    I emailed Dudley about legalizing Marijuana and he never got back to me. Im an Oregon Libertarian. Kitzaber will probably get recalled. He sucked then and he will suck now. Glad I live out in the rural all white part of Oregun. Hell we don't even have to lock our doors. We need to get rid of the Democrats and Republicans. They suck the big one. We really need to get rid of all the friken California Libtards though. They are the ones screwing up our great state. Im serious on that. Been here 50 years. I remember when we treated Californians like dirt. Welcome to Oregon. Now go back home.

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    The problem is that true libertarianism is at odds with the constitution. If you remember, the first American government was created under the articles of Confederation. This provided for weak central government, but was very libertarian in nature. After that failed, the constitution was drafted, which is not compatible with true libertarianism, in that, it creates a strong central government.

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    You can't. I would think that people would have learned from the 1992 elections with Ross Perot, but they still see that 3rd party vote as a vote of principle, rather than a throw-away vote to the benefit of the greater evil.

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    Why? I want them to make Republicans and Democrats nervous and it seems too be helping.

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