a make over of the tomahawk railroad?

as i mentioned before i plan to aquire the smallest railroad in the state of wisconsin. the tomahawk rairload a six mile shortline serving one enormous mill in tomahawk, wisconsin. but the thing is is that everybody on the railroad has to much responsibility. the manager is responsible for everything a supervisor and manager as well as owner would be responsible for. the mechanic is also the track laborer which usually he is known to rebuild the needed things within the locomotive by hand which they dont have everything at the time which they need to order all parts needed. and the conductor and engineer dont even work alongside each other. the conductor works the yard and the engineer has reponsibility of the switching of tracks, operation of locomotive and all railcar documentation.

since that is to much is this a good idea to keep some people and hire new people including the following:

track laborer

track welder

track truck driver

track machine operator

diesel electrician

diesel mechanic





general manager

president (hopefully me in the future, the railroad is under public ownership of genesee and wyoming)

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    You face the same type of dilemma as the historic railroad lines, excursion type operations.

    I talked with some of the operators about this same type of problem- "Not enough people".

    One conclusion became unanimous between all the operators and small railroad operators:

    They were happy, even though they were doing the job of many, and would rather work for the small outfit that the big monster railroad companies. They have great pride in knowing they all depend on each other, and keep things going, even if at times they are stretched out doing the tasks of many.

    The short line railroads have a different personality than the big behemoth railroad corporations. They are tight and operate very efficiently.

    Source(s): . Interesting to recognize how the railroaders step up to the plate to keep little railroads going. True dedication. Very impressive work ethic.
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    Short lines and industrial railroads have a limited income because often, they serve only a few customers. It's too bad they have various people doing various jobs. But this is how they compete and win contracts. If you hired all those people you talked about, you just raised your annual operating costs by $660,000 approximately. (eleven times 60,000)

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