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    It won't happen in a couple of years but it's possible in the future.

    ESPN has outbid all the broadcast networks for the 4 BCS bowl games and the BCS National Championship Game starting in 2011 and through 2014.

    The current NFL contracts with ABC, NBC, CBS, ESPN, and the NFL Network expire after 2013. So the Super Bowl will be on one of the broadcast networks at least through 2013.

    I never thought that the major bowls and the NC game would ever be moved off of broadcast TV. But it happened. Of course, ESPN is more than just cable, since they also sell access to satellite TV and online sources.

    I'm thinking that ESPN, perhaps with some cable and satellite providers as partners, will make a run at trying to get the Super Bowl after 2013. A lot will depend on how successful the college bowls and NC game are on cable/satellite.

    The networks will obviously want to keep the biggest payday of the year and will put up a fight to keep the Super Bowl. But we've already seen them cave on the college bowls.

    I'd still say that the Super Bowl moving to cable/satellite after 2013 is a long shot. But I was wrong about the college bowls, and it is definitely a possibility.

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    Will the Super Bowl WHAT on cable?


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    i do no longer think of that the two experience is overshadowing the different. If somebody basically watches CNN or basically watches ESPN, than they might experience that properly. yet i think of that the two days are transforming into distinctive insurance of their respective media retailers. whilst i'm living house, I oftentimes in basic terms watch activities channels or flow to activities web content and all the insurance is in regards to the Superbowl. I additionally take distinctive media instructions in college and we are continually going over the information. This previous week all we spoke approximately became great Tuesday and the presidential election.

  • huh??? the SB IS on cable..the first sunday in February (give or take) every year

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