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Can you make rational conclusions in an irrational world?

Its really not all that rational a thought to pull money out of the air and then circulate it with interest attached which must be paid by the same paper which has not been printed as of yet and expect the borrower to achieve repayment

But that is the world of money at the top --- central banks such as the Federal reserve the Bank of Canada the Bank of England The Bank of Australia the bank of New Zealand and others do exactly that ---- Irrational beginnings of money which by the design of its mechanisms can not be repaid but is expected to be repaid

Since the money supply of the government and the people is irrational --- we live in at least an irrational monetary system ---

Is it reasonable to expect a rational answer from rational questioning in an irrational world ?

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  • Erik
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    1 decade ago
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    Wouldn't the interest be repaid by the money already in circulation?

    I'm going to guess when the first dollar bills were handed out, most of it wasn't to be repaid with interest - it was handed out in exchange of something of value - either an older currency or gold.

    I don't know...just trying to ask a rational question.

  • 1 decade ago

    rationally yet as long as you truly include the irrational irregularities of the world like greed for example....

  • Ron R
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    1 decade ago

    actually backing the dollar with a printing press is about as rational as backing it with gold isn't it?........I mean why not back the monetary system with dirt?

  • Lance
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    1 decade ago

    Our Government sure can't.

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