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EWW Presents Unforgiven come rate the show?

EWW Champs

World Heavyweight Champ AJ Styles

Intercontinentsl Champ Evan Bourne

Unified Tag Team Champions Rated Y2J

The intro plays with fireworks going offas the official theme plays your going down by sick puppies

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Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross welcome us to the show as they hype up the main event World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles vs Triple H can AJ Styles overcome Evoultion and Triple H also a personally bitterrivarly that has been going on for several months Matt Hardy vs a living legend Shawn Michaels but up next to kick things off Daniel Bryan is in the middle of the ring for his open challenge Submission Match

DanielBryan"ok i haave waitied for weeks for this night anybody that is brave enough to face me the greatest ever submission wrestler because the way i see it nobody can face me nobody has the skills, the talent that i posses no"Bryan is interrupted as this play

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Hart enters the ring as Bryanlooks shocked"

Match 1. Open Challenge Submission Match Daniel Bryan vs Bret Hart

this match lasted nearly 15 mintues this match had lots of submissions in it but finally Bryan tapped out to the Hitman's Sharpshooter

Backstage is AJ Styles with the World Title around his shoulder interivewed by Tohd""AJ tonight you face Triple H who has a dangerious group on his side called Evolution with you getting attacked just 2 weeks ago how are you feeling

AJ"Tohd im feeling great because tonight im facing 1 of the best in EWWand i do realize he has his puppets on his side but i will overcome that because deep down Triple H knows that the Phenominal One is better then The Game"

Match 2. The Miz and Mr Anderson vs Brtohers of Destruction

this match was brutal as Kane and Taker got the win after Kane chokeslammed The Miz through 2 flamming tables off a 15 foot ladder

This next Rivarly started at Wrestlemania and its been long and personally with Sheamus having the edge but tonight it all comes to anend in a 3 stages of Hell Match Mysterio laid out a few weeks ago who will be the last man standing Sheamus or Rey Mysterio

Match 3. 3 Stages of Hell Match Rey Mysterio vs Sheamus

1. Falls Count Anywhere Sheamus won via Celtic Cross on a parked car Outside

2. Street Fight Mysterio after a 619 to Sheamus in the ring

3. Last Man Standing Rey Mysterio after he did a Froh Splash toSheamus through the announcer table

Backstage is Mickie James and Trish interivewed by Lilian

Lilian"Trish and Mickie tonight you 2 are fihting the McMahons who not only made your lives a living hell but disrespected and if you 2 don't win tonight all the women are fired

"Trish"Lilian we had enough of the way we are treated which is why me and Mickie are represented the women's divison nobody else wants to step up but us and we are going to keep our jobs you can count on it"Lilian thanks Mickie and Trish for your time"

Match 4. Team Sting{Sting, Tommy Dreamer and Rob Van Dam} vs The Straight Edge Society{John Cena, CM Punk and Luke Gallows} the SES won after Punk gave Ating a GTS, after thogy Dreamer said"if you guys think its over well its not its far from over because the next PPV is Cyber Sunday so at that PPV how about us 3 against you 3 clowns" Punk"we accept because beating you old timers one more time only makes the SES stronger but Dreamer let us pick the stipulation "Dreamer"we don't careas long as we whip all your @sses it will be worth it"Punk it will be a 6 man tables match

Match 5. Unified Tag Team Championship Match Rated Y2J vs The Motor City Machiene Guns

Edge got the win after spearing Alex Shelly after Jericho slammed Chris Sabins knee against the steel steps he then lays Shell knee against the steps holding it and Edgebaseball slides it with a chair injury Sabin's knee then they get a table set it up in the ring Jericho holds Alex up in the air as Edge gets on the top rope and jums onto Alex driving him through the table Rated Y2J holds the Titles high as the crowd is booing them


Main Event World Heavyweight Championship Match AJ Styles{c} vs Triple H

Styles won after a Styles Clash and retained but after Evoultion came in andbeat down AJ Styles but the lights go out they come on and everyone is gone missing AJ is left in the middle of the ring with his World Title spooked"

Update 2:

Match 6. Mickie James and Trish Stratus vs Shane McMahon and Vince if the women win the women's title comes back if the men win all the women will be firedt fired but banned from all EWW shows and PPV

Trish got the win after a chick kick and after Trish says"i got permissiom from your daughter to say that Shane and Vince are both banned from EWW shows and PPVS and now the Women's Title is back which will be defend at Cyber Sunday

Update 3:

This next matchhas a bitter rivarly that has gone way past peronally ever since What Matt Hardy did to Torrie Wilson HBK hasen't been in a great mood he is dissapointed what Matt did and now tonight HBK is hoping to teach him a lesson but Matt Hardy has other plans on ending Shawn Michael'scareer who willbe out on top tonight

Match 7.Shawn Michaels vs Matt Hardy{with Lita} non title

this match ended in a no contest after both these men never even made it to the ring security broke it up after they went over the barricade by the fans after though HBK said"this isn't over Matt Hardy at Cyber Sunday we willmeet again in a no holds Barred match"Matt"bring it you little b*tch Shawn Michaels your career will be over"the fans were booing and chanting let them go"

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    AJ Styles comprehend, how important his match is Tonight, and has envision himself defeating Triple H in the middle of the ring, with the Odds clearly against him'', Styles is looking forward to this challenge,but the Game is his biggest adversary wants to prove he is the Best..

    Trish and Lita are in the Biggest match in their career, every female wrestler was watching this match closely. hoping these two can exact vengeance on the Mcmahon's, for torturing them for months...They say Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned'', Well Tonight Mcmahon's found out that's true..

    Many were flabbergasted, over the Unexpected ending...the Hatred these two wrestlers share for each other couldn't be contained.. security really had difficult time keeping them separated. Now the Task will be up to Stephanie. to come up with Idea for a match that would be perfectly Suited for these wrestlers to resolve this Bitter Rivalry

    Match 1:10/10

    Match 2::9.6/10

    Match 3:10/10

    Match 4:10/10

    Match 5:10/10

    Match 6: 9.5/10

    Main Event: 10/10

    Source(s): Extraordinary PPV 10/10
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    Best Matches:

    1) AJ Styles vs. Triple H

    2) Rated Y2J vs. Motor City Machine Guns

    3) Daniel Bryan vs. Bret Hart (Prime)

    4) Shawn Michaels vs. Matt Hardy or Team Sting vs. Team Straight-Edge Society

    5) Rey Mysterio vs. Sheamus

    All the Matches were Great and I think you should get a job Application for World Wrestling Entertainment because you have what it takes to be a good writer. Your shows & pay-per-views are unpredictable and have endings that makes the viewera begging to see what happens next.

    Overall Rating: 10/10

  • Promo 1-10/10

    Match 1-10/10

    Promo 2-9/10

    Match 2-10/10

    Promo 3-10/10

    Match 3-10/10

    Promo 4-10/10

    Match 4-10/10

    Post Match-9/10

    Match 5-10/10

    Main Event-10/10

    Match 6-9/10

    Post Match-10/10

    Promo 5-10/10

    Match 7-10/10

    Post Match-10/10

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    suited fits: a million) removing Chamber 2) Shawn Michaels vs. Matt Hardy 3) Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio vs. Motor city gadget weapons fantastic fits. The removing Chamber became an staggering journey-up which i think of it became kinda cool that Evan Bourne extra the AirBourne to John Cena from the right of the chamber. as quickly as lower back, your Tag team branch is staggering. The RVD and Rey vs. Mcmg journey became yet another great journey to be seen the suited. i in my view enjoyed all your fits apart from the Jericho/side journey in basic terms because of the journey ending in a No Contest. The journey became stable, yet generally I dislike No Contests at Pay-consistent with-perspectives. standard score: 9.7/10

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    Great ppv.


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