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Is there freedom of religion in Lebanon?

If yes, then I guess there is no problem for a MUSLIM converting to another religoin right? Maybe from Islam to Judaism or Christianity. Am I right? Or is this a serious matter in lebanon and the shari'a law takes place (Mortad 3an el deen)??


@... There is freedom in the middle east in many countries. My country, Turkey for example. It is one of the best destinations in the world. I heard also beirut is a top capital for nightclubs and partying. So get your facts straight before spreading them maam . !

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    Yeah, Lebanon is a country of religious diversity and there is freedom of religion for everyone. It is guaranteed by the constitution.

    Any person can convert to another religion even though probably his family won't like it lol. I have many friends from muslim and christian families who became atheists or agnostics and nobody ever said anything to them.

    @...: Wow you really are ignorant. Lebanon has more freedom of religion than USA. If you don't believe me then come see for yourself. There are other countries in the region that also guarantee religious freedom such as Syria, Turkey, Tunisia...

    The only reason why US troops are in Iraq and Afghanistan is OIL. Nobody asked you to send your troops to these countries. The Iraqis were better off under Saddam. At least before Saddam's regime was toppled, they didn't fear for their lives whenever they left their houses.

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    I would like to ask for someone I know who wants to convert from Muslim to mase7i how can it be done in Lebanon? how much it costs? and what about the secrecy of doing this? coz all I can get from the answers that yah there is religious freedom in Lebanon and the main problems is when there family knows about that conversion but wht if he is from another country?

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    What is your definition of freedom of religion...if it's only about comverting from one religion to another then ya that happens a lot, there is no problem legally or in the Lebanese constitution of civil rights (btw many catholics convert to another religion if they want to divorce)...the problem is with the families of pple who want to convert to another religion, the family takes it really personal sometimes. Shari3a law exists only to certain pple from a certain religion, and it's a personal case each depending on why they r converting and the mufti of the jomhoriya decides (for sunnis)

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    There are almost all kinds of religions and religious sects in Lebanon.

    Muslims make up the majority these days (Sunni and Shi3a)

    There are lots of Christians too (Maronite, Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant). Even the president is Christian.

    Even though many Jews left Lebanon, there are some still left.

    There are many South Asian servants in Lebanon. Most of them are Buddha and Bahai.

    And there are also Druze, which make up 5% of the population.

    That just shows the diverse in religion.

    @the angry person above me: Lebanon is not Afghanistan!!

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    There is up to a point...if a Muslim woman tries to convert to another faith it can get very nasty both within the family & the Muslim community.To say otherwise is to sugarcoat the truth ...

    edit..Hey Tris , that has happened in my family as well but I have come across many examples where women have been totally cut off from their families because they have chosen to swich from Islam to Christianity , not for marriage either !

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    You write mortad 3an el deen correct and you're Turkish? hmm

    Anyway, there is religious freedom in Lebanon.

    My extended family members all have different faith, like 4 or 5 sect Christian and Muslim.

    I can't wait till am 18 to cross out religion reference off my official papers woohoo.

    @Aussie: My cousin converted and no one in the family really cared. It's her relationship with god. She was never accepted by her bf's family because they still considered her of different faith and accused her of converting just for her bf. That's when she broke up with him and kept her faith to herself.

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    According to the Lebanese constitution Lebanese secular law takes precedence over religious laws.

    The use of Sharia is only limited to the family affairs of Muslims (divorce, marriage, ....). Religious converts may be threatened and killed by members of their former community, but there haven't been reported any such incident for years. Suspects will be prosecuted in front of the criminal court for murder and they can't use "religious beliefs" as a defense

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    there are Lebanese people who convert....mainly for marriage. usually the female will convert to the guys relgion if they are of different faiths and want to have a relgious marriage...(theres that or going to cyprus).

    and like others said...of course the family wont be happy, but you really cant deny anyone, what god puts in their hearts.

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    There's no freedom of any kind anywhere in the Middle East.

    Why do you think U.S. troops are risking their lives everyday for the past eight years to clean up the drama there?

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