Do you think the drug DMT has to do with religion?

With DMT, the user seems to stay in a psychotic state of delusion long after the effects have diminished and keeps being unable to differentiate between fantasy and reality. They fail to understand that their experiences were caused by a drug that messed with their brain chemistry and they come to the believe that the images that their minds created while under the influence were

somewhat real or even somehow significant.

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    First off, your word choice implies to me that YOU have never smoked DMT yourself. I'm not asking you to admit it, if you have done it. However if you have not tried it (and I'm going to assume that you haven't, based on how off you describe it), you have to understand that psychedelic experiences can not be understood second-hand.

    In other words you can't understand it by watching someone else smoke it. Or by reading testimonials, or listening to people talk about their trips. The only way you can honestly know what DMT does is to take it yourself until you have a "breakthrough" experience.

    Now, you say that people who smoke DMT "Fail to understand that their experiences were caused by a drug that messed with their brain chemistry". Do you know that DMT naturally occurs in the human body? We produce it in our red blood cells, lung cells and in the pineal gland (lying deep in the brain right behind where the third-eye is marked).

    So this drug is probably safer for you than coffee. After all, unlike DMT your body doesn't naturally pump out large amounts of caffeine every night when you sleep and right before you die. So your brain isn't nearly as familiar with the effects of caffeine, or alcohol, or marijuana. That's why DMT only lasts 10 minutes tops. Your brain knows exactly how to make DMT and how to switch it off. The only way smoking DMT messes with your brain chemistry is by allowing you to have the experience lucid/not on the verge of death.

    Now on to the interesting part. The reason people may seem to have trouble differentiating between fantasy and reality after smoking DMT is because 30 seconds after you smoke it you go to a place. It is a place outside of space and time that is MORE real than this reality.

    In other words, every night there are phases of deep sleep where you have the DMT experience.and you literally go to another dimension. But by the time you go through several hours of dream cycle you've forgotten about it. But the second you go there after smoking DMT you remember being there. And not from when you were asleep. But you remember being there long before you were born, and well after you die.

    Anyone can argue that DMT trips are totally subjective experiences, and thus have no real validity. But those people are usually too scared to have that very same subjective experience and see for themselves.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You fail to understand that there is no way to know. If your brain produces DMT naturally, maybe your unable to differentiate between fantasy and reality right now. Maybe brain chemistry is messed up UNTIL you smoke DMT. Consciousness is far from being understood by science, as is DMT.

    Depends on if you think dreams hold significance. Once again, no way of knowing that.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It creates a lucid dream state. It is created in your brain every night naturally. Really.

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