How can a cosigner remove themselves from a Sallie Mae loan?

My dad cosigned for a loan with Sallie Mae about 4 years ago for my ex husband. My ex has been making the principal and interest payments on time since the beginning of the loan. However he hasn't asked to have my dad removed as a cosigner yet. I've tried talking to Sallie Mae's reps, and always get the runaround because "I'm not on the account". My dad's tried to call but they tell him it's the primary borrower who has to ask for the release of cosigner paperwork. Is that right? Why can't my dad start the process for getting his name off the loan? We're in a pinch because he's about to go through a messy divorce and needs to get his house refinanced in his name only, and I'm terrified this old student loan is going to cause problems. Does anyone know of a place we can get the paperwork online? I want to do this right and get my dad's name off the loan because all he ever did was try to help us out and I want to do this same for him. Thank you in advance.


Thank you all for your answers. We did understand what it ment when he cosigned. Sallie Mae gave us, as it does with so many others, the "if you make 24 payments the cosigner comes off the loan" speech. Which doesn't turn out to be true. I do understand that either repayment or refinancing in the borrowers name only are ways to get the cosigners name off the loan. I've done a lot of research and always find the same results. I was hoping maybe someone had actually gone through this type of situation and knew of another way or alternatives. I.E. that there was a way for my dad to start the process instead of my ex. Or that there were forms that could be downloaded and sent in. If anyone knows of alternatives, please let me know.

Update 2:

I have tried talking to my ex about it. But he's not taken that actual steps to start the process. I'm sure if we were able to start it, then he would sign off on it saying it's fine. I guess he's just busy and doesn't remember to get it done.

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    5 years ago

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    RE How can a cosigner remove themselves from a Sallie Mae loan?

    My dad cosigned for a loan with Sallie Mae about 4 years ago for my ex husband. My ex has been making the principal and interest payments on time since the beginning of the loan. more

  • CatDad
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    9 years ago

    Per your update, your ex is probably not responding because he most likely discovered that if he refinances on his own, that he either won't qualify or his interest/payments would be higher....Additionally, he probably likes having his ex father in law on the loan because if he defaults, they'll come after him. You "may" want to consider offering your ex some sort of cash giving him $1,000 or so if he will get your dad off this loan. If it were me, I'd do it to get out from Sallie Mae's evil grip. I hope your family learned a valuable lesson about co-signing loans.


    A Sallie Mae loan is the worst possible type of loan your dad could have co-signed for. Lucky for him your ex is still paying on time. As long he keeps the account current it won't damage your credit....but the amount of the loan will affect his debt/income ration and this account affect his ability to get new loans.

    In terms of getting your dad off this loan...the ball is totally in your ex-husband's court. Hopefully your family is on good terms with him. He will have to re-finance this loan himself to get your dad off the loan. If he has bad credit...this won't happen....or he'll have to find another co-signer with good credit.

  • 9 years ago

    Ryan is absolutely correct. There is no way to force Sallie Mae to take your dad off as a co-signor. In fact, in these economic times, they are less likely to remove a co-signor than before. The only way his name is going to be removed is if your ex re-finances the note just in his name or the note is paid off. You can best judge whether your ex is likely to get a loan in just his name, but, even if he can, you can't force him to.

    I'm sorry, but your father is stuck till that note is paid.

  • Ryan M
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    9 years ago

    The only way to get a co-signer off the loan is to either:

    1) Refinance the loan into your name ONLY

    2) Pay off the loan in full

    There is no "online" paperwork for this. Did you and you dad not know what the whole point of a co-signer even was when he signed the paperwork??

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  • 9 years ago

    Why is it no one has talked to the ex and asked HIM to start the paperwork to get dad off the loan?

    It's apparent you cannot do much of anything without the ex being in the mix here.

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    No you can not.

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