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can you ask a hospital not to be union?

I applied, interviewed and was offered a job. I didn't know it was union. I have a call into them but am wondering can you ask to not be in the union? It is restricting my start pay so they are getting me for less than I'm worth IMO.


I'm in PA. I have never been a union worker. This job is an initial pay cut but every other aspect is good. I want to make the money I make at my current job in the new position and this whole union thing is holding me back on saying yes to the offer. No amusement here, serious question.

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    In right to work states you do not have to join the union or pay dues in any amount. That's true in about 40% of the states. But you do get the union pay scale regardless.

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    It depends on where you live. There are 22 states with "right-to-work" laws where you cannot be required to join a union. Other states have different laws, and if you are able to work without joining the union you can still be required to pay union dues.

    ADD: A "closed shop" is illegal in the United States and has been since the Taft-Hartley Act of 1974. Anybody who says otherwise is misinformed. However, places are allowed to be union-shops or agency-shops where anybody who does not join the union or pay union dues after a certain period of time (30 days usually) has to be terminated. Again, in 22 states this is not permitted but the other 28 allow it.

    ADD: Pennsylvania is NOT a right to work state. It was brought up in 2009 but did not pass the assembly. You are not protected from joining a union in Pennsylvania as the law stands now. We have a new governor with different ideas so things could change in the next year...

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    PA is a Right to work State so YES you can opt out of the Union. Just be warned that they will know you aren't part of the Union so your co-workers may not be your friends.

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    Won't happen. A union shop, is a union shop. You need to decide if you want the job there or not. Check with others in your profession. Aren't most hospital jobs Unionized?? .... if so you need to change career settings. Perhaps specialized private board and care / recovery facilities away from the larger unionized settings.


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    Depends upon state law and the union agreement with the employer. Some places (actually, most places which are unionized) are what's known as "closed shop," meaning all employees must join the union or be fired. Unfortunately, it's perfectly legal in most states.

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    In some (rare) cases you can opt out of the union, though you may need to pay partial dues to them still despite not being in the union.

    The employer may not be able to hire non-union employees though as per the union agreement, also, they might not be able to pay you more than a union member gets paid if you can opt out, as part of the union agreement.

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    where i work at you have that option but you still have to pay 90% of the union dues

    and get no Union representation when you get written up

    so the choice is up to you

    you don't have to but then you give up most of your rights to grievnaces and even senority

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